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Bondi Beach Australia
Work in Bondi and enjoy the Sydney life Style.

Upon landing in Sydney, there is one place that is on the top of your list of “places to visit” – Bondi Beach. It’s undeniably the most famous and most photographed beach in the world, renowned for its tanned, surf-obsessed, natives and famous life guards who can be seen daily hopping on and off their quad bikes wearing nothing but budgie smugglers, a six-pack and a smile.

When choosing a place to unpack that suitcase it comes as no surprise that many are won over by the relaxed pace of the neighbourhood where early morning surfing or a quick dip at Icebergs is the standard way to start the day. Team this with fantastic vintage and boutique shopping, great markets, a café culture that could teach Paris a thing or two and plenty of spots to watch the sunset with an ice cold beer and you can certainly see why many choose to make it home.

For those who require a little more persuading, here is a run-down of some of Bondi’s coolest hangouts, which epitomise the enviable Aussie way of life.

Bondi Cafes

Across Australia people are obsessed with finding the perfect coffee. The vast amount of competition in Bondi’s “perfect latte stakes” means that only the best, most ethically sourced beans will do in their organic, soya, half-shot lattes. Take a wander down Hall Street and allow yourself to be enticed by the aroma of coffee emerging from the colourful, open-fronted cafes. Grab a take away or pull up a seat and watch the beautiful people of Bondi going about their day.

Bondi locals understand the value of a good breakfast. Veggie options of avocado, thickly sliced seeded bread, chunks of feta and perfectly poached eggs will seduce even the most carnivorous breakfast goer – not to mention breakfast burritos, which are the perfect pre or post-surf sustenance.

Here’s a list of some of Bondi’s most popular cafes and breakfast spots. A word of warning: Breakfast is more popular than dinner round these parts. Either arrive early, book a table or bring a paper and expect to wait…

Gusto on Hall Street has been around for years and is a firm favourite with loyal lovers of their time-tested formula for strong, creamy coffee. Pull up a stool at their counter and keep a sneaky eye out for their famous clientele!

Le Paris-Go is a popular, licensed café that has recently been re-furbished and had a menu overhaul. The eggs benedict are what dreams are made of; as are the pancakes and veggies have a wealth of options to choose from. This is where the cool kids hang out so expect a lot of cut off jean shorts, sleeve tattoos and day-glo Ray Bans.

My Favourite Child on Glenayr Avenue serves up some of the best espresso in Bondi and the decoration alone is reason enough for a visit. ‘Marvel’ at the guitar signed by 90s boy band, Hanson, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures and the retro arcade game, which if you don’t mind waiting your turn, will help you to pass the time as you wait for your mocha.

Bondi Picnic on the corner of Hall and Glenayr serves up cold-drip coffee that packs a punch and is perfect if you’re in need of a caffeine hit on a boiling hot day.

Why not browse the shelves of charming café-cum-second hand bookshop, Gertrude and Alice on Hall Street. The Moroccan lentil stew here is to die for as are the plentiful salads chock-full of the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients.

Bondi Restaurants And Places To Eat

Everywhere you look in Bondi it seems that people are exercising. If it’s not a band of tanned surfers rushing to be the first down to the shore, it’s shirtless beefcakes running along the promenade or hipsters opting to get from A to B on their ‘fixie’ bikes. As well as being great motivation to get yourself in training, it means that there are plenty of top quality establishments fully-equipped to feed the hungry masses.

To appeal to the healthy locals, Bondi’s restaurants serve up large portions of nutritious delights. No matter what you fancy, your inner hippy can rest safe in the knowledge that many places source their ingredients locally and are constantly considering your waistline!

Pies are an Aussie staple and even the calorie-counting Bondi residents recognise this. Fortunately, the owners of Funky Pies have taken it upon themselves to serve creations made with only locally sourced, organic ingredients mixed together to create delicious flavours like No Wurry Curry – a tasty blend of lentils and chick peas in a coconut curry sauce or Eezy Chic’n Cheezy – chunks of chicken mixed with broccoli in a delightfully cheesy sauce. Wash your pie down with a fair trade tea or coffee or a freshly made juice.

New to the Bondi Cafe and restaurant scene and one of the best cheap eats in Bondi is the soon to be famous, Cousin Jacks Pasty Co. These guys serve up traditional hand crimmped, freshly filled Cornish Pasties all day and can be found in Bondi Junction. Be sure to grab a copy of BBM before you get there as we may well have some vouchers which will get you a discount.

Grab an iced bucket full of Corona’s and pull up a pew at The Beach Burrito Company. Enjoy generous portions of amazingly cheesy chimichangas, nachos, burritos and tacos all in surroundings reminiscent of a Mexican beach bar.

If you’ve got a hankering for unusual cocktails accompanied by excellent tapas head to The Flying Squirrel Tapas Parlour on Bondi Road. Try crispy pork belly or Tuscan meatballs washed down with a Rhubarb Bellini, a Jerry Jinger Jar or one of their famous Bloody Caesars. This is known as a perfect date spot and the menu even boasts the impressive statistic “99% success rate for first date leg-overs”. Form an orderly queue boys!

There is a no bookings policy at North Bondi Italian but you can grab a drink at the bar and take in the beautiful views of the beach (and the bronzed waiting staff). There is a massive choice of dishes to suit all tastes and portions are substantial so there is no need to over order no matter how much of an appetite you have worked up during the day.

Bondi Hardware began life as a soulless hardware store before the innovative owners saw its potential and transformed it into a cool restaurant serving pizza and top-notch sharing plates.

Bondi Pubs and Bars

Although not necessarily as raucous as nearby Kings Cross, Bondi has more than its fair share of places to enjoy a nice refreshing libation. Unlike The Cross, the backdrop is a lot less neon and ladies of the night and a lot more unspoilt views, refreshing sea breezes and beautiful people. A number of fantastic cocktail and wine bars have sprung up which cater to the tastes of the overly cool clientele and there are some fantastic options for live music too.

Grab an early evening drink in the casual surroundings of Bondi FM. You may have to battle for space with surfboards, dogs and designer handbags but the deck chair strewn lawn and house-party atmosphere is well worth it. Radio station, Bondi FM, is broadcast live from here so if you get bored you can always try your best at distracting the presenters…just an idea.

The Bucket List is a pop-up bar and café right on the beach. Although only open until midnight this is an excellent location for early evening beers as the sunsets. An added advantage is that the ringside seat will help you to understand why those Bondi lifeguards landed themselves their own reality TV show.

Any bar whose tag line is ‘F*ck everything and become a pirate’ is our kind of hang out. The tattooed, longhaired bar staff in The Anchor are as close to real life pirates as Bondi gets and serve up some of the best margaritas in the area with a smile.

34 Degrees South is a tucked away, speakeasy style basement bar on Campbell Parade. There is always excellent live music on Thursday nights and unusual cocktails including fig and wasabi daiquiris, which genuinely push the boundaries of sense…and taste. Try them for yourselves.

Another great date location is Chapter One wine bar right across from the beach. Select your tipple from the extensive wine list and impress your date with a cheese board – the perfect accompaniment to the Bondi sunset.

You can’t mention drinking in Bondi without mentioning the Bondi Hotel and the Beach Road Hotel. What these spots lack in ambience, they more than make up for in committed party people. The Bondi Hotel is open until 4am so if you are planning a session in Bondi, you’re more than likely to end the night here.

Bondi Accommodation

As you can see there are many reasons to live in Bondi. With buses that run straight into the heart of Sydney, and trains from Bondi Junction, it makes for a great location to commute into the centre of the city if you’re planning on working whilst you’re in Sydney – or if you just fancy using it as a base you’re able to get to most parts of the city from here.

From hotels, to apartments, sea view apartments and hostels, you can find a range of accommodation to suit your budget. Hostels start from around $25 per night, with apartments averaging at around $630 per week. So depending on what you’re after we’re sure you’ll find something suitable.

In conclusion, it’s plain to see why many opt to lay their hats in Bondi. The proximity to the sea, unbeatable food and drink and sheer number of long-legged, blonde haired surfer types means that people can really discover the Australia that they always dreamed of. We’ll meet you there…

By Amy Baker