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caribbean retreat sunset

Budget Caribbean Tours From Costa Rica To Panama

White-sand beaches, reggae pumping, hammock siestas and serene turquoise water this is everything you can expect when you make your way down Costa Rica’s Caribbean coastline. If you’re looking for a holiday in 2017...
turtle conservation holidays

Help Endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles on Your Next Holiday

Leatherback turtles are fewer and fewer in numbers in spite of the fact that female leatherbacks may lay 60 to 120 eggs around four times per season (a phenomenon called arribada). This is happening...
costa rica waterfall

How To Handle Technology While You Travel

If you know Outward Bound Costa Rica, you know how much we love to promote "living in the moment." We've developed a no technology policy while students are on course with us to enable...
gap year in costa rica TEFL

How to Make Your Gap Year Your Best Career Move Yet

You’ve heard about Gap Years many times before - even Malia Obama has decided to take one. Even though Gap Years are becoming increasingly popular, have you ever considered that they might be the...