Things to do in Mandurah 2024

Things to do in Mandurah

Things to do in Mandurah 2024

Things to do in Mandurah 2024. The Mandurah Estuary and Peel Inlet is a large system of shallow estuarine and saline, brackish and freshwater lakes and covers 134 square kilometres – twice the size of Sydney Harbour!

Things to do in Mandurah 2024

Mandurah Canal Cruise & Caversham Wild Life Park (Optional Lunch)
Mandurah Dolphins, Chocolate & Fremantle Tour
Mandurah Canals & Dolphin Watch Tour
Dolphin & Scenic Marine Cruise
The Pirate Cruise
Murray River Lunch Cruise
Magical Christmas Lights Cruise – Tickets for Boat 1
Magical Christmas Lights Cruise – Tickets for Boat 2
Catch and Eat Crab Tour
Hillarys – Ocean Blast Tour (60 Minutes)
Hillarys – Ocean Blast Tour (30 Minutes)
Z*ARCHIVED* Sunset Cruise
Mandurah – Awesome Estuary Tour (60 Minutes)
Mandurah – Extreme Open Ocean Tour
Dolphin Island Adventure
Penguin Island & Mandurah Canal Cruise
Things  to do in Mandurah
The Mandurah dolphins that inhabit the Peel-Harvey Estuary and adjacent coastal waters are Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. They are highly social creatures that can often be found travelling in groups of 5 – 15 dolphins or even higher.

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Historic Fremantle Tour
Perth, Kings Park, Swan River and Fremantle Cruise
Perth, Kings Park, Swan River and Fremantle Cruise
Perth (City) Photography Workshop – Day & Night
Perth (City) Night Photography Workshop
Perth (Fremantle) Smartphone Photography Course
Perth (Fremantle) Private Photography Workshop
Perth (Fremantle) Photography Workshop – Day & Night
Perth (Fremantle) Night Photography Workshop
Fremantle Sunset Sail – 2hrs
Settlement Explorer Tour
Rottnest Island Dive or Snorkel
Carnac Island 1/2 Day Sail
Rottnest Island Deep Dives
Fortress Adventure
Whale Watch Experience ~ PERTH
Street Art WALK Tour
Perth (Fremantle) Day Photography Workshop
Street Art, Beers and Bikes
Bucks / Hens Party
4hr Adventure Tour & BBQ Lunch
2-3 Hr Whale Watching Tour
Skippered Yacht Charter
Centre Cab – Tow Yourself
Bow Rider – Tow Yourself
Jet Ski – On
Bow Rider – On Water
Centre Cab – On Water
Fremantle Pioneer Explorer
Absolute Fremantle Tour
Whale Watch Experience ~ VIP Captains Lounge ~ PERTH
Across Australia Tour – West to East Inc. Finke Desert Race
Canning Stock Route – Broome to Perth
Across Australia Tour – West to East
Canning Stock Route – Perth to Broome

Things to do in Mandurah 2024

Mandurah is a city on the southwest coast of Western Australia. Situated approximately 72 kilometers south of the state capital, Perth, it is the state’s second-largest city. Mandurah’s main business hub is situated on the Mandurah Estuary, which serves as an exit point for the Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary. The name, ‘Mandurah’  meaning ‘meeting place’ or ‘trading place’ was derived from Nyungar, the language of Australian aborigines. Mandurah has a typical Mediterranean climate similar to Perth with hot dry summers and mild wet winters. It possesses a variety of tourist attractions, especially based around the water. It is a major fishing and crabbing area in Western Australia. There are a plethora of exciting things to do in Mandurah 2024. The following are the best activities and attractions you can experience in Mandurah. read more

Dolphin Quay:

Things to do in mandurah
A perfect dive

Dolphin Quay at the Mandurah Ocean Marina, 40 minutes from Perth is a perfect day out for the whole family. It is all about delicious food, old-fashioned service, unique gift ideas, and live music all within a fun holiday atmosphere. Stunning views overlooking the ocean provide the perfect backdrop for the many restaurants, speciality stores, and market-style shopping. read more

Silver Sands Beach:

Silver Sands Beach is a blend of kilometres of pristine coastline, perfect swimming spots, and even a couple of notorious surf spots including the Fourth Groin. Boasting clean sand, and safe calm waters, Silver Sands Beach is simply amazing. read more

Halls Head Beach:

Very clean and often quiet, with epic ocean views, this little heaven named Halls Head Beach is an awesome spot for snorkelling.

King Carnival:

Things to Do in Mandurah
Things to Do in Mandurah 2024

Situated on the scenic and lovely Mandurah Estuary, King Carnival is one of the oldest historical amusement sites in the state of Western Australia. It offers a wide variety of rides and features containing an amusement arcade providing hours of entertainment. read more

Creery Wetlands Nature Reserve:

The 29-hectare nature reserve is a fascinating and enjoyable environment to explore birds and wildlife. It is made of a series of connected boardwalks and pathways with informative signage. You may even enjoy a relaxing stroll by the estuary. read more

Amaze Miniature Park:

Formerly known as Abingdon Miniature Village, Amaze Miniature Park was built in 2003.It has a wide range of displays of scale model miniature buildings and railways from Abingdon Village, parts of the United Kingdom and Germany read more

Mandurah Community Museum:

A visit to Mandurah would not be complete without seeing Mandurah Community Museum. Its displays run from the aboriginal history through to the present day. Rare and unique items from the first settlers have been kept for display coupled with interactive exhibits that will bring life to the dead past. read more

Things to do in Mandurah Pubs and Clubs

Dolphin Quay

Dolphin Quay at the Mandurah Ocean Marina offers delicious food, old-fashioned service, unique gift ideas and live music all within a fun holiday atmosphere and stunning, picturesque marina just 40 minutes from Perth and it is among the things to do in Mandurah pubs and clubs. Stunning views overlooking the ocean provide the perfect backdrop for the many restaurants specialty stores and market-style shopping.  read more

Address: 4 Zephyr Mews, Mandurah WA 6210

Top floor Night club

top night club in Mandurah
Their goal is to set the entertainment scene alight in Mandurah

Top Floor has plenty to offer while a team dedicated to the entertainment business is available. Their goal is to set the entertainment scene alight in Mandurah. One of the liveliest and hottest nightspots in town as the only house of entertainment in Mandurah, it is becoming the number 1 go-to place for locals & visitors. With the capacity and means to host live bands, floor shows, international performers and late-night parties. read more

Instinct: Features Nunya, Danye, Shockz, Cure, Half Dead and social dispatch

Date & Time: 1 April from 7-11 pm


Easter Thursday

Date & Time: 1 April from 10.30 pm  – 2 am It is the after-party of Instinct

Bad Bunny

FT Boston Switch and BLK out

Date & Time: 3 April from 10 pm -5 am

Cost: $15

The Monkey Bar and Lounge

The Original Slug and Hare has been re-born into another animal entirely. You can enjoy boutique beers, cocktails and the retro feel of the Monkey Bar and Lounge.

Hospo Night 

Among the things to do in Mandurah pubs and Clubs is enjoying the Hospo Night every Monday. You can enjoy a free pool competition and win a $50 venue voucher while Hospo workers can enjoy a 10 percent discount. read more

Easter Trading Hours: 3rd April from 1 pm till late

Normal opening Hours 3 pm -12 am

Address: 12, Pinjarra Road Mandurah


Caminging and caravaning in Mandurah
Enjoy Mandurah at your pace.

Camping and caravanning is a nature enthusiast’s ultimate getaway. Sleeping under the stars and waking up to breathtaking views is a magical experience. Western Australia’s natural wonders are world-renowned and the bushlands, forests, and parks of Mandurah make for the ultimate camping and caravanning experience. Camping in a national park or reserve is one of the best ways to unplug from the real world and reconnect with nature. To explore the best that Mandurah has to offer in terms of camping and caravanning, have a look below: read more

Lane Poole Reserve

This national park has nine different campgrounds, replete with a range of facilities to guarantee an unforgettable camping experience.

Martins Tank Campground

This campground is located near Preston Beach, on the banks of Martins Tank Lake. Ideal for caravans, tents, campervans and camper trails, this is a great place to unwind and reconnect with nature. read more

Marrinup Townsite

Located close to Dwellingup, Marrinup Townsite is suitable for tents. The site is pet-friendly and has toilet facilities. Camping fees are applicable.

Belvedere Caravan Park

Camping and caravaning in Mandurah
Enjoy the great outdoors

Located just 500m from the beach, right in the centre of Mandurah, Belvedere Caravan Park is just a few minutes away from the Mandurah Marina, Mandurah Foreshore and the Peel Inlet. They have onsite accommodation in the form of renovated beach shacks and cabins as well and include concrete sites and shady grass. read more

Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park

Located on Pinjarra Road, the Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park offers great accommodation for a coastal caravanning getaway. The park is located close to the Serpentine River and the Peel-Harvey estuary. Guests can opt for caravan and camping sites or self-contained cabin accommodation. read more

Twin Waters Caravan Park

Just a few minutes away from Mandurah’s key attractions, Twin Waters Caravan Park is a cool and quiet park that offers all the necessary amenities.


If you’re visiting Mandurah in summer – which happens to be the best time to visit this glorious city – you would expect everything to go perfectly. But if you’re travelling with kids, you can never be sure. However, worry not – Mandurah is a great family destination which means your kids will never have to throw any tantrums because he/she will be thoroughly entertained in this city. Besides, travelling and exploring is one of the best ways to stay connected as a family. Having said that, here are the most exciting things to do in Mandurah with kids. Read more

Go on a dolphin cruise

The dolphin cruise will take you around the canals of Mandurah as you see some of the most stunning waterside houses in the state. The kids will have an unforgettable experience as they spot the playful dolphin leaps out of the waters. read more

Pay a visit to the chocolate factory

Kids love chocolate and taking them to Mandurah’s very own chocolate factory will be a dream come true for them. Decadent Cs is a family business that showcases a mouthwatering array of cakes, chocolates and truffles. At the back of the factory is an area full of toys, play equipment and a wooden train where kids can play around too. read more

Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park

Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park (previously known as Peel Zoo), is a must-visit kids attraction in Mandurah. What kids will particularly enjoy is a chance to feed animals and enjoy the demonstrations. If your child is bold enough, he/she may even want to hold a snake. read more

Playgrounds and parks

Mandurah has plenty of parks and playgrounds that will leave kids spoilt for choice Some popular parks among children are Quarry Adventure Park, Adventurescape Park, Caterpillar Playground and Eastern Foreshore Playground, to name a few. read more


Sometimes, you have the urge to get away from city life and take to the forests for a hike. … And in Mandurah, you’ve got it all covered. So, get ready to explore a new dimension to life as you wander through idyllic tracks, and find yourself amid dense forests, magnificent gorges, suspended bridges and glorious wetlands. With many amazing hiking and walking trails awaiting to be explored, here are some of the top hiking trails in Mandurah. read more

How to Properly Fuel Your Body for Long Hiking Trips
A good hike refreshes your mind and boosts your mood.

Kitty’s Gorge Walk

Take this hiking trail that will lead you across the rocky terrain of Kitty’s Gorge before leading to the stunning Serpentine River. According to stories, Kitty was a cow that wandered off and was discovered several months later down the gorge. Prepare yourself for a five-hour hike of moderate difficulty. Be sure to watch out for uneven ground and steep stretches. read more

Pinjarra Heritage Walk Trail

This trail takes you across the Pinjarra Suspension Bridge and the Murray River. It also leads you to the surrounding bushland and through the town itself.

Tullis Bridge and Tullis Rail Trails

This trail begins from the Tullis Bridge and follows a fairly easy trail along the beautiful Hotham River. The track wounds through bushland and back to the bridge.

Riverside Heartwalk

This is a 90-minute hike along the southern part of the Serpentine River. It also has a boardwalk that leads out to the water, offering awe-inspiring vistas. If you’re lucky, you could also spot some dolphins that are known to visit this area. read more

Len Howard Conservation Park

A fairly short and easy nature track that wounds around the wetlands, this trail offers bird-watching spots too. If you would like a longer hike, take the Erskine Walk Trail of about 6km.

Island Point Walk

This is a short hiking trail that can be undertaken but the young and old. The walk is a short loop of a little more than 3 km around the stunning wetlands, but the views surrounding are truly astounding.

Check Out The Arts And Culture Of Mandurah

Street art Mandurah
Amazing skills our street artists.

The Mandurah Performing Arts Centre is an iconic attraction perched along pretty Mandjar Bay. There you can explore a fine collection of artworks displayed by both local and international artists. Learn more about the area’s proud heritage, at Fairbridge Village, the Mandurah Community Museum, Edenvale Heritage Precinct and Hugh Manning Tractor & Machinery Museum. read more

Savour A Spot Of Adventure Action In Mandurah

Amongst the most exciting things to do in Mandurah if you are 18 is to hit the fabulous beaches! The Mediterranean climate and, waters located far from shipping lines, makes the area a sun worshipers haven. Mandurah is a surfer’s paradise where apart from catching the perfect break, there’s loads of swimming and snorkelling amongst the limestone reefs. The verdant reefs are excellent for a spot of scuba diving too, treating you to sights of the abundant marine life. read more

Enjoy Skydiving Action In Mandurah!

Things to do in mandurah
An experience to remember.


is one of the most exciting things to do in Mandurah if you are 18, carefree and seeking an adventure.Take on the adrenaline pumping adventure and skydive into the pristine countryside of Pinjarra or land on Mandurah beach and dive right into the warm waters! Its all about embracing the adventure and being one with nature – there is no better place than Mandurah to do so! read more

There’s More Adrenaline Pumping Action To Savour

Head over to Dwellingup and tackle the angry white-water rapids, perfect to get your heart pumping. TAnd for more action-packed things to do in Mandurah if you are 18, go ahead and hire a jet ski and rev up some fun on the glistening Mandurah Estuary. read more

Take On The Scenic Trails Of Mandurah

There is no shortage of natural adventures in Mandurah. The hiking trails are an iconic part of the areas much loved activities. Choose from amongst verdant wildflower trails to bike trails and walk trails. All which promise stunning views, natures abundant beauty and chance to soothe mind body and soul. Of course, these trails are ideal to put your fitness levels to test as well! read more

Scoop For Blue Swimmer Crabs In Mandurah

Join a Mandurah cruise and head out across the Peel Inlet where you can try your hand at ‘scooping’ for crabs. A unique activity to look forward to amongst things to do in Mandurah when hankering for some fun, ‘scooping’ is a unique thrill. Plus, your crabs will be cooked or barbequed right on board! Ready for your next big adventure exploring Mandurah? Just one hour from Perth is a gem of a city called Mandurah, Restaurant, and fishing, shopping fun fares, resorts, grand hotels, beaches homes and caravan park. read more

How to Get to Mandurah from Perth

By rail, there is a train from Perth central station directly to Mandurah, regular train run on this line. Plan your journey, if you need information you can check   Or call 13 62 13

Mandurah is also well connected by bus, there are also direct buses to Rockingham and Fremantle. There is a freeway to Mandurah and it takes just under 50 minutes to reach Mandurah from Perth by car. The freeway is called the Kwinana Freeway. read more

What Can You Do in Mandurah?

Mandurah Forum has just been expended and now has over 300 retail outlets restaurants and children’s entertainment activities including a children rail train that takes to on a journey through the shopping centre. There is an indoor food court close to the children play area as well as an outdoor food section with some excellent restaurants. read more

Who is There?

  1. Big W
  2. Woolworth
  3. Coles
  4. Target
  5. David Jones
  6. Kmart

Massage services, Telecom, toy shops, hairdressers and much more.

Mandurah Foreshore

  1. Cafes
  2. Restaurants
  3. Pubs
  4. Hairdressers
  5. Hotels and motels
  6. Performing art centre
  7. Cinema
  8. Boat ride
  9. King Carnival amusement arcades, mini golf, cafe

Apart from the many venues above you can take a cruise, go fishing or crabbing, Mandurah has many festivals including the famous Mandurah crabbing festival, there is also street market each week. The foreshore has restaurants open from 6 am until late. There are plenty of pubs that offer traditional English food, there are also restaurants offering Indian, Indonesia and Chinese cuisine. read more

Staying in Mandurah

Then visit the estuary, walk miles and miles along the coast, watch the locals catching crabs and enjoy the breathtaking view. Visit Pinjarra and enjoy this quaint little town which was once a Perth hum city in the days when the Timber trade was big business Visit Rockingham and enjoy the excellent restaurants on its foreshore. Visit the old port city of Fremantle and Fremantle PrisonVisit Dwellingup take the tourist railway through ancient forests and sit by the banks of the River Murray. read more

How Much Does It Cost To Stay In Mandurah? 

With its popularity as a holiday destination, Mandurah expects many foreigners and countrymen for holidays every year. As such Mandurah has now developed and polished its accommodation facilities to suit the needs of visitors and their budgets. On average a 3-star hotel in Mandurah costs $109 per night whereas a 4-star hotel costs $173 per night. These are budget-friendly options. But if you’re on the look for something special, then a 5-star hotel costs $163 per night, on average. Once you’ve chosen a place to stay, next is to explore Mandurah and the things you can do there. While there are enormous things you can do in Mandurah, here are some definite things you should do in Mandurah. read more

Water Sports and Other Water Activities

Thnigs to do in Mandurah
Scuba Diving If you’re an experienced and passionate scuba diver, check out Bouvard Reef, between Bouvard and Preston Beach, that has a diversity of marine life and reef fish. The James Service Reef has a shipwreck that creates a wonderful manmade reef. It lies approximately 8 kilometres north west of the Mandurah Estuary. White Water Rafting Gear up and head down to the Murray River for a remarkable day of white water rafting with Dwellingup Adventures – take in the amazing views during a gentle paddle, and feel your heart hammer as you rough the rapids. Looking for a day of hands-on excitement and exhilarating rafting rides? Then, this is perfect for you. Things to do in Mandurah 2024

1. Take A Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing Lesson 

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing is an excellent water sport that you can learn to master in Mandurah. This sport is all about kite control in the water. There are many spots in Mandurah that offer kitesurfing or kiteboarding lessons. So make sure to choose the best spot for this. In general, these lessons are given in shallow water for safety purposes. Further, these lessons are mostly given by qualified and experienced instructors. So there is nothing to have second-thoughts about safety. read more

What Can You Expect?

The minimum age for this activity is 13, and if you’re under 18 you must have a parent present. Apart from this, you cannot take part in this if you have a back/neck injury or if you’re pregnant. All kiteboarding equipment is provided in general, but if you have a wet suit you can use them. Beginner lessons are given with 2 students and one instructor. However, if you prefer you can have a private session. But this may cost you more. read more

2. Get A Jetpack Or Fly Board Experience 

Mandurah is well known for its waterways and beaches and along with it comes water sports. Getting a jetpack or fly board experience is something you should do when in Mandurah. This experience is an extreme water sport that looks like something out of a superhero movie. But, this experience lifts you high as 30 feet above water levels and circles at dizzying speeds. Because of these outcomes, many rules should be met for you to participate in this. read more

What Can You Expect?

Firstly remember that this sport has many minimum requirements to be met. Some of them include meeting a minimum weight, height, waist measurements and knowing how to swim. Secondly, if the experience is canceled due to unfavorable weather, you will be given an alternative date. Thirdly, the first time flyer will not be allowed to fly if they cannot understand instructions given in English. The exception to this is there is a staff member who knows the flyer’s native language. read more

3. Hire A Boat For One Full Day 

You can hire a boat for a full day to explore the beauty around the waterways in Mandurah. Unlike other boat rides that are limited to a time slot, hiring a boat lets you have fun all day. From special occasions, group celebrations or just some fun time with family, you can do it in the water-style. Of course, there is a wide selection of boats you can choose from. So depending on the number of people, your budget or the boat-style you prefer, you can choose one accordingly. read more

What Can You Expect?

You can see Mandurah canals, Estuary & Murray River, stop for a swim, or even get into fishing or crabbing. These boat hiring services provide the convenience of even purchasing fishing gears or crab nets if you want to. Apart from being easy to drive, everything you need for safety and comfort is provided. This includes safety equipment, fuel, maps, and a baby lifejacket. Further to increase security, a comprehensive safety briefing is done which covers all the rules of the water. read more

Hikes and Tours

1. Baldwins Bluff Guided Hike

Baldwin’s Bluff is a hidden gem in Mandurah, Western Australia, and hiking to this place is surely an adventure. This 6km guided hike takes you through lush Jarrah forest, challenging gradients, and breathtaking views that will amaze you. The hike also offers an overview with historical facts, education on the location and trail, and heritage of the area. However, this is a 3-hour hike and so travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level to participate. read more

What Can You Expect?

The hike calls for suitable weather and a minimum number of 25 travelers. If these are not met, the experience will be canceled. Upon cancellation, you’ll either get a different date or a full refund depending on your preference. Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair accessible and is not recommended for pregnant travelers or travelers with heart problems. If you’re new to hiking, this climb is hard enough to test you. However, it is still enjoyable with an unregretful experience. read more

2. Go On A Jet Ski Tour 

Going on a Jet Ski tour is a fun way of exploring the beauty around Mandurah waterways. From islands to beautiful sites around waterways, you can also spot dolphins, pelicans, and seabirds on this tour. At the end of your tour, you have the opportunity to try some advanced maneuvers in the freestyle area. In addition, you are also given a thorough safety briefing and demonstration by a qualified and experienced guide. Above all, you are supervised at all times on the tour for safety. read more

What Can You Expect?

The minimum age for this activity is 16 years and a moderate physical fitness level is expected. Apart from this, the activity is subject to favorable weather conditions. For instance, if the activity is canceled due to poor weather you are given the option of an alternative date. But the tour operates in most weather conditions. You can choose between driving alone or with a partner. Sharing a Jet Ski tour gives you both the excitement of driving and the experience of being a passenger. read more

3. Mandjoogoordap Dreaming Tour 

If you want to explore the comprehensive culture and history behind Mandurah, then you should go on this tour. ‘Mandjoo’ means (meeting place) and ‘goordap’ means (of the heart). As positive as this meaning sounds, positive cultural memories are something you’ll take away from this tour. This is because Mandurah is a land of many secret and wonderful places, each with its own unique story. Although the journey is 1.5 hours long, discovering places with little interest is fascinating. read more

What Can You Expect?

You will have an Aboriginal guide to help you with this tour. The guide will take a stroll along the Mandurah Eastern Foreshore, giving an opportunity to explore the amazing waterways. Alongside, you will also learn about the significant role water had in the lives of these people for thousands of years. While exploring, you’ll also learn about the region’s first people and every generation after them and their related culture. In fact, every generation has a story here. read more

4. Tourist Fun Train Company 

If you’re looking for a fun way to explore Mandurah, then the tourist fun train company is your perfect option. This company operates two trains specialized for kids and adults. The “Mandjar Bay Fun Train”(Mini Toot) is a train specialized for children. It takes on a 15 minutes ride and takes a route North/South along the Eastern Foreshore. “The Spirit of Mandurah” (BIG TOOT) is the larger train specialized for adults. It takes up to 60 people on a one hour journey with 10 stops. read more

What Can You Expect?

The train will run on both roads and surprisingly in places where motor vehicles are not allowed. Depending on the time of the year and season, you get to experience carnivals and fairs in certain stops. Also to mention sometimes your ticket offers great discounts at a variety of the company’s supporter shops. But, make sure to hop on time from each stop to avoid delays for other riders. However, you can also book these trains for private children’s parties or other group bookings. read more

In conclusion

Things to do in Mandurah 2024, And to sum it up it would be best to say, these are surely not the only things to do in Mandurah. This is because Mandurah is developing as a travel destination yearly. So the range of things to do in Mandurah is on a continuous rise with new innovations. However, if you want to make the best use of your stay in Mandurah, then try these things we’ve discussed. While you pick on what to try, make sure to choose the ones that suits your holiday budget and preferences.

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