Tips for the Australian Online Betting Beginner

Tips for the Australian Online Betting Beginner

Australia is famous for a lot of things: poisonous snakes and spiders, kangaroos, beaches, deserts, and natural wonders. But when you think about it, Australia is a sports nation. 

Whether you love rugby, football, soccer, golf, swimming, auto racing or tennis—there’s a professional league for every major sport. What’s more, the land down under also has a soft spot for gambling.

Here, we’ll talk about how to navigate sports gambling in Australia as a beginner. Let’s get into it.

#1: Choose Safe Betting Sites

The first rule of online betting is to pick a safe, trusted operator. The explanation is simple. Your money and personal information need protection. What’s more, you deserve reliable betting services.

Many top-rated sports betting sites in Australia are licensed in Europe—primarily in Malta. That’s alright. The Malta Gaming Authority does an outstanding job of regulating gaming operators.

Still, to be clear, you need to compare multiple bookmakers to determine the right platform for you. Let’s say you want a bookie that supports Australian football. Or maybe you want a site with wager-free bonuses.

You need to compare numerous betting sites Australia before you can make a decision. You can always save time by looking for recommendations on sportsbook comparison sites. Or you can ask for a referral from a friend that loves betting.

#2: Specialize

Specialization increases efficiency in sports betting. No need to worry about the differences between betting on baseball versus cricket. No need to keep up with NBA games early in the morning and late stay late in the night to follow soccer games.

When you specialize, you can set a program on how to achieve betting success. Let’s say you settle on soccer. You can forget about Australian rules, tennis and golf. Instead, you’ll pay more attention to A-League, Premier League, La Liga, and the Champions League.

The biggest advantage of specialization is that it helps you become an expert. With soccer as the backdrop, you can learn about different play-styles, bet types, players and managers. You become better at avoiding unpredictable matches and in picking high-value odds.

#3: Start Small

As we mentioned earlier, Australia is a sports betting nation. According to the BBC, up to 80% of Aussies have gambled at least once. Owing to that backdrop, you’re likely to feel motivated by people who make a lot of money betting on sports.

Unfortunately, being a beginner means you’re prone to mistakes. For example, you can bet on games without doing thorough research. Or you can back a team simple because it’s favorite franchise.

To minimize losses as a new beginner, bet small. You could wager on one or two games per week. Set a small budget and spend most of your time analyzing the matches. After you start to win regularly, then you can increase your budget. 

#4: Learn about Different Bet Types

If you’re like many people in Australia, you know about money line bets. Here, you predict the match winner. It’s the most straightforward bet type out there. Although it’s the most recommended bet type for beginners, it’s worth learning about other bet types.

The explanation is that money line isn’t always the most profitable bet type out there. This is particularly true when it’s a game between a strong opponent versus a bottom-position club.

However, you can make money from such a match by betting on these other bet types: handicaps, totals, props and futures. Let’s say Bundesliga side Bayern Munich has low odds against French side Nice.

Betting $10 on Bayern returns $12. However, a prediction on the match ending with more than goals scored has odds of 1.50. Now, your $10 bet returns $15, which is better. With a handicap, you might predict Bayern will win by more than two goals on odds 1.8—leading to potentially higher profits.

#5: Learn about Value Odds

You probably know you the importance of choosing competitive odds. They help maximize your profits. That said, there’s more to choosing odds than checking which bookmaker has the best odds.

The best way to maximize your profits is by finding value odds. Put simply, value odds are odds that seem to undermine a team’s chance of winning. Rarely do bookies undermine teams. But when this happens, it’s a time to magnify your profits. 

To expound more on value betting, let’s use an example of coin-flipping. There’s a 50-50 chance the outcome is heads or tails. But imagine if a bookie sets 1.5 odds for heads and 3.0 odds for tails. Which outcome would you bet one? Exactly.

Research around to find matches where a team has decent chances of winning but has poorer odds than its opponents. Then wager on this team.

#6: Take Advantage of Betting Bonuses

Nearly every betting site in Australia has a bonus promotion. Bookies give out this money to welcome new customers, to encourage loyalty or to fuel engagement. You’ll probably come across multiple bonus promotions throughout your betting career.

Take advantage of some bonuses. But ignore most offers. So, how do you determine which promotions to accept? First, ensure the bonuses come from reputable bookies. Next, look at the bonus sizes, the maximum you can withdraw and the cashout terms.

Naturally, you want a generous bonus you can use on your favorite sports. Importantly, withdrawing your winnings should be straightforward.

#7: Approach Betting like a Pro

Think of your favorite business person. How do they approach their job? They have a budget for everything they buy and sell. They keep records neatly and strive to improve the success of their businesses.

Approach sports betting in the same way. Create a budget and schedule. Then invest in improving your betting skills. Keep records of all your bets. And importantly, check your performance to figure out what you should improve.

Many entrepreneurs focus on their primary money makers. If something doesn’t work, they get rid of it. Do the same. If a betting strategy or a bet type seldom produces profits, focus on your more successful strategies and bet types.