Top Effective Tips to Easily Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Top Effective Tips to Easily Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool is always a huge flex. Swimming pools signify your home’s outdoor display. You may also take plenty of advantages from the swimming pool, especially on those scorching hot summer days. However, if you don’t have a sparkling clean pool then you have some bad news next! For insights into maintaining your pool’s optimal condition, at Outdoor Direct, you can check this comprehensive guide on pool heat pumps.

You know it better that no one wants to swim in filthy or unmaintained pools. This is exactly why you need to pay close attention to the maintenance of your glamorous swimming pool.

Just like your house and car, your pool needs to be cleaned as well. You are responsible for this job. In this post, you will be walked through effective maintenance tips to keep your swimming pool happy, clean, and going. Let’s read on!

How to Maintain the Swimming Pool

Nothing matches the thrill of dumping your body into freshwater. Swimming in it just makes everything better. But what if the water stinks? Of course, your enthusiasm and thrill will suddenly break.

To avoid such a scenario, you need to maintain the cleanliness of your pool.

Take the following 8 maintenance tips into consideration to keep your pool happy and sparkling.

1. Make Habit of Skimming Debris

It is one of the easiest things you may do by yourself. Use your hands to skim through your pool’s surface for collecting floating debris. You use a long-handled hand skimmer to catch bugs, leaves, and other significantly bigger unwanted items resting on the top of your pool.

Skimming is very important to restrict chlorine usage as well as to improve the pool’s circulation system.

2. Clean Strainer Baskets Once A Week

Another easy tip to keep your pool happy and going is to clean the strainer baskets at least once a week. It is ideal, though. By doing so, you reduce the chlorine use and the circulation gets even better.

Make sure to attack the strainer baskets at the side of the above-ground pools. While in in-ground swimming pools, attach them to the pool deck.

You may dislodge the stubborn objects by spraying inside the basket with a hose.

3. Clean the Pool Filter

All three kinds of pool filters require different approaches for cleaning. However, make sure to never become passionate about cleaning it every now and then as it will hinder the process of filtration. Let some mild dirt stay on the pool filters to trap heavier debris.

When you feel unpleasant odors coming out of your pool, then consider it to be the time for cleaning your pool filters. You are recommended to use high-quality cleaning products from a renowned pool stain removal company to get the best cleaning results. Such high-end products prevent you from pool draining and acid washing.

4. Clean the Hair and Lint Pot

Another piece of equipment in your pool i.e., hair and lint pot also requires cleaning, twice a week. The hair and lint pot catches the debris that has escaped skimmer baskets.

The debris neglected from the skimming process also needs your attention. So it is important to use hair and lint pot and washing it every now and then is important as well.

5. Maintain Water Level

In order to get the optimal results, the water level in your pool shouldn’t be too low or too high. Instead, the water level must lie at the center with the pool skimmer.

If the water level is too high then the skimmer door will get stuck. And if the water level is too low then the water pump might get burnt.

6. Maintain the pH Level

You must use the chemistry of your pool water for the best maintenance. The pH level determines if the water is clean and healthy for the swimmers. 7.2 to 7.8 is the ideal pH level. Mark it in your pH checking kit.

7. Look for Leakages and Repair Them

The spontaneous fluctuations in the water level sometimes determine that your pool has suffered a leakage; these need to be fixed as soon as possible. Contact a professional and let him search for the leak and have it repaired.

8. Check Chlorinator

To have the chlorine on an appropriate level, make sure to use a chlorinator. It sanitizes the water for swimmers. You might want to check inline chlorinators to have perfect chlorine tablet levels and clogging.

Top Effective Tips to Easily Maintain Your Swimming Pool

To reap the many benefits, your precious swimming pool needs your attention and care. The above-mentioned helpful tips will help you maintain your pool in the cleanest of ways.