Watermelon Boy




Australia’s ambassador to the Space Tropics, Watermelon Boy is back with an emotive, club track. His new single Memories combines elements of classic dance anthems with a glorious indulgence in tropical rhythm. Backboned by a crucial house beat and a euphoric vocal sample, Memories dives deep off the shore, for a midnight swim in beautiful feelings. A breathing, percussive bassline leads the nostalgic chords into an unfettered rhythmic breakdown with a sparkling top-end that sounds like stars twinkling over a beach party. The final chorus unleashes an enchanting burst of energy that will forever imprint on your memory. The first in a run of singles before his next album in the 2nd half of 2024, Memories is out on all platforms on the 10th of May 2024. 

Speaking on the influence behind the new record, Watermelon Boy shares to Me “Memories” represents the feeling you get when you know your time is precious and the actions you take right now will be burned into your mind forever. The feeling we get on holiday or during rare times with close friends. The moments when you’re the most present and the most yourself.” And further discussing the sonic inspiration he explains, the vocal sample reminds me of the timeless elements of dance music and I wanted to marry that with the tropical tones and percussion that I associate with good times, travel and festivals”.

Watermelon Boy has a unique approach to making music, blending the sounds of the global south with his Australian electronic pedigree. First launching in 2016, his visceral electronica combines complex rhythms, tuned percussion, fuzzy synths and gliding atmospheric sounds in a way that tugs on the heartstrings. Speaking of the lead track from Watermelon Boy’s Debut EP, Nat Tencic claimed “Whatever this juicy, mystical space land is, I want to go to there!”. 

Continuing to evolve, the next phase of Watermelon Boy’s music would involve extensive collaboration with his debut album featuring 10 artists from all over the tropics and the world. Speaking of his debut album in 2021 Rolling Stone wrote; “101 Tropical Hits from Cosmic Space manages to live up to its ostentatious title” and Beat declared “Awash with tropical, outer space, summertime textures, the album is a delightful sonic journey, taking you from chilled sunbathing pop tunes to a sweaty carnival rave.”

August 2024 will see the release of Watermelon Boy’s as yet untitled 2nd album. Musicians from Ghana, Fiji, Chile, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, India & Jamaica provide exhilarating performances and rich textures on this collection of feel good jams. More tonally cohesive yet no less vast, an impressive run of singles in the lead up to the new album will help cement Watermelon Boy as one of Australia’s most exciting producers.

Watermelon Boy’s new single ‘Memories’ is out now.


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