What You Need To Know Before Kayak Fishing

What You Need To Know Before Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is increasingly becoming a favorite pursuit for many. And, after you acquire the right fishing kayak and accessories, the question would be; what else do you need to know before kayak fishing?

The bottom line is that it will be different from shoreline fishing or angling from the boat. Most of the time, you will be sitting down, slightly less stable, faced by winds and current yet closer to the water. Preparing in advance is therefore indispensable. 

Below, I have put an in-depth discourse of what you should expect ahead of your kayak fishing trip.

Things you should know before kayak fishing 

1. Learn to cast with one hand

If you are used to fishing from a stable boat or the bank, it will be challenging to adjust to one-handed casting. The kayak gives you less room making the two-handed windup cast somewhat risky. So, start practicing to cast onehanded as that will be the major technique when spinning or baitcasting your tackle. 

For a start, consider lighter fishing combos and more finesse tactics until you are confident enough to fish from a kayak. Also, having a fishing rod designed for kayak fishing will help you a long way as well. 

2. Learn to paddle the kayak with one hand

Knowing how to steer a kayak is essential if you are considering kayak fishing. But, paddling the kayak with two hands is easy even for the less experienced. Unfortunately, when kayak fishing, some situations will demand that you steer the vessel one-handedly. 

Before your first fishing trip, go on waters with your kayak and practice one-handed paddling. It will come in handy when you need to steer your yak to avoid overhanging branches or back upstream while fighting the fish with the other hand. 

Learn how to anchor your fishing kayak paddle along your arm by locking its shaft along your forearm. This makes it easy to paddle with one hand. 

3. Learn how to utilize eddies when kayak fishing 

If you have been in a kayak, you know the winds and current can be a nightmare. Kayak fishing is not different. The only way is to learn how to use the currents to your advantage. 

Go kayak in water prone to currents and learn with the guide of an experienced kayaker how to tuck your vessel into the eddy. This skill will help you when out fishing. Once you position your yak in a whirlpool, you can fish all you want without paddling. 

4. You should always take along a kayak anchor 

You might not need the anchors when kayaking as you will paddling and maybe stop only at the shore. But, when you are out for kayak fishing, you will want to stay longer at a fishing spot. This essential kayak fishing accessory will give you stability even when faced by the wind. Consider using a quick-release clevis on your anchor in case of emergencies. 

5. Kayak transportation options

Getting your kayak to the shoreline might be a daunting task if you do not get the best transportation option for your vessel. Here are the alternatives to consider before heading out:

  • Trailer

This is the best kayak transportation option to take your vessel without detaching the fishing accessories. Small, lightweight trailers make it easy to maneuver with hands. All you have to learn is strapping your yak properly such that it cannot slide off even on rough paths. 

  • Back of truck 

A truck 8-foot bed can accommodate your fishing kayak comfortably. You should slide the vessel into the back and put much weight on the front, so it doesn’t tip-off. Strap it well to prevent it from sliding off.

  • Roof racks 

Most kayakers carry their vessel on the roof of a truck or car. This is the least suitable alternative to consider if you do not have a trailer or spacious truck. The limitation is that you will have to detach the kayak seats and fishing accessories before loading the vessel. Plus, you will need a helping hand to load it. 

If you go for roof transportation, buy a good set of kayak racks and learn how to attach the seats and accessories once you get to the shore. 

6. Prepare well before you launch your kayak to fish

Take your time at the shore before you launch your kayak to fish. Paddle for at least 30 minutes at the shoreline before taking off for fishing. Practice effective use of paddles and lean side to side a little to test your vessel’s stability. 

Also, practice standing and sitting back down in preparation for what you will have to do when fishing. If you find it difficult to get up and down while at the shore, plan to fish while sitting. 

Here are other considerations before launching your kayak:

  • Prepare all your fishing gear before you go
  • Put your tackle, pliers, and drinks within reach
  • Acquaint with where everything is
  • Put all your valuables in waterproof storage
  • Mount your GoPro within reach
  • Stow or stage rods before you launch your kayak
  • Have a friend by your side to help in case of emergencies

7. Don’t be too excited about your first catch on a kayak

Landing your first catch can be exciting, but do not be carried away by the excitement. The kayak can tip-off so easily; therefore, you should take your time to reel in the fish closer to the vessel.  You should be able to reach it without stretching too much. It is also recommended to net the catch when kayak fishing to avoid leaning too far to get it. 

Key Insights & Takeaways!

Kayak fishing can be exciting, but it is worth preparing well in advance. Learn the few things we have highlighted to enjoy your first trip like a pro!