2nd Year Working Holiday Guide to Finding Farm Work

Farm Jobs in New South Wales

Many who plan to travel to Australia hear about the agricultural work requirements there when it comes to obtaining your second year visa extension.  Whether you are currently planning your trip to Australia, or have already arrived in this beautiful country and have realised one year just simply isn’t enough, this Working Holiday Guide to Finding Farm Work will give you some of the best tips on finding farm work to ensure you get that all important second year visa.

Working Holiday Guide to Finding Farm Work- Getting started in Australia

Harvest Trail

For those of you who have absolutely no idea about farming seasons and what grows where around Australia, Harvest Trail is a great place to start your search.  Their website www.harvesttrail.org.au/ has a host of great tools that show you what areas are in season at what time.
They also provide a helpful PDF (open here) that works as a complete harvest guide for the whole country. Also, some farmers post jobs on the website hoping to recruit backpackers for the upcoming seasons.


Gumtree is one of Australia’s go to sites when it comes to job recruitment. It is especially popular with the smaller farms that are looking to recruit people for picking jobs. Although, we must warn you to always be wary when searching through Gumtree, as anyone can post on Gumtree and scams are not exactly uncommon.
Gumtree allows you to search for current job vacancies in any area, or let you post your own availability advertisement to attract prospective farmers. On here you can post your availability, contact details, current location, experience and any other relevant information you feel would attract farmers to hiring you.


Social media has evolved so much from being just a place to post pictures and statuses about what you had from lunch.  There are hundreds of backpacker groups on Facebook that employers use to advertise job vacancies.
Some great groups to join are: Fruit Picking Jobs Australia, Farm Work Australia, Australia Farm Jobs For Backpackers and Work and Holiday Australia Second Year Visa 462. Each state in Australia also tends to have there own individual Facebook group for finding farm work and are well worth a look into.

Working Hostels

Working Hostels are a great way to find work and meet amazing people in the same position as you. You can find these by searching working hostel in area rural area that you are thinking of setting up in.
This is often regarded as the easiest way to find work as the workers at the Hostel have all the contacts in the area. It has to be said that these hostels are generally more expensive as they often find you work and provide transport to the farms, so this option is especially suited to those without there own transport.
Of course there are other ways to find farm work like the beautiful power of word of mouth or simply going on more conventional job websites like www.indeed.au or www.seek.au. With all these tools at your disposal you should have no problem finding the necessary work to complete your 88 days.
By Paraic Walker
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