3 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do On Your Phone

Things You Didn't Know You Can Do On Your Phone

Nowadays, using a smartphone is the norm. Wherever you gaze at, you will find people busy with something on their devices, whether it be for work, school or entertainment. But with the fast-paced innovation and the technologies available. 

Here are some things you didn’t know which you can perform on your smartphone.

Entertainment & Multimedia

The most common entertainment applications in smartphones are games. However, you are not limited to these types of apps if you are looking for something fun. Mobile applications for managing multimedia files such as images, videos and music are now readily available. If you love producing music on a platform that you can bring anywhere, you can utilize beatmaker and drum apps. Some of the best beat maker apps for iPhone have features that mimic traditional beat making and drum machines. They even have innovative features, such as recorders, the inclusion of different types of instruments, audio effects, sequencing tools, trigger pads, and others, allowing the user to create awesome beats anywhere. 

Others even boast the ability for the utilization of the app in live performances! If you are into photography or working with images, advanced image editing tools are already available for mobile devices. These image editing services are no longer limited to computers and can easily be accomplished in your smartphone. Functionalities included in the app include image editing, support for RAW file types, exposure adjustments, watermarking, among others.

Travel & Vehicle Assistance 

There are numerous applications available to provide assistance and support in your daily travel or adventures. Some of these mobile apps enable you to perform vehicle diagnostics, start your car, monitor your location and even identify if you are fit for driving. Augmented reality is also available to make navigation easier by projecting the AR map in your windscreen. Your adventures may also lead you to foreign countries with a different dialect. Your smartphones are now your travel buddy that can read and translate foreign languages for you. A range of translator applications is available, with some having the capability to scan the foreign phrase and translate it to your native language. Although standards are in place for traffic signs, there could be some differences in various countries, and some translators include this in their database.

Security & Safety 

For safety, location monitoring and personal safety apps are available that you can use whether you are driving or walking. These apps allow users to set the time that they should be arriving at a particular location and record their travel route. When the app recognises that you have not arrived at your destination, it automatically sends a distress call to your designated contacts. These apps are especially helpful to safeguard the user when travelling at night or in an unfamiliar place. Another mobile app designed for safety is an alcohol breath analyser. Yes, this can now be done on your phone to determine if you are good to drive or if a cab is your safest bet to get home. Smartphone breathalysers require a device to be connected to your phone and the mobile app to do the job.

Things You Didn't Know You Can Do On Your Phone

With your smartphone, it seems that you can now do almost anything and everything in your smartphone. Mobile apps are becoming useful companions in travels and in ensuring our safety. It also allows us to bring our work and our hobbies in our pockets. A few years back, these activities, along with other numerous tasks, can’t be accomplished on phones. But, these are now available through applications. So just imagine the surprises in store for us in the next months or years! So explore and enjoy life with the help of your smartphones!