4 Essential Places to See in Dublin

St Patrick's Day Dublin, Ireland

Today in Traveler Learning we bring a complete guide with 4 essential places to see in Dublin, mandatory stop sites if you are going to visit Ireland. Land of Celts and myths, of green pastures and of a time, of majestic people, of Guinness beer, land of history and strength. A place that will surprise you, promised.

We have some other guide on excursions to do in Dublin Tours, such as the Cliffs of Moher, a real wonder located on the west coast of the island, or the giant’s road, in Northern Ireland. First, we leave you with an index of the guide, and then we will show you the tips and recommendations, to which the list of the 4 essential places to see in Dublin will continue.

4 Places in Dublin you Should Must visit

  • St Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Temple bar
  • Molly Malone’s statue
  • Dublin Castle
  • Trinity College and its Old Library
  • Guinness Storehouse
  • St Patrick´s Cathedral

Undoubtedly one of the most emblematic places to see in Dublin Tours is the cathedral of its patron, St Patrick. St. Patrick is the patron of Ireland, who evangelized the island and drove the snakes out of the country. Today St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest church in Ireland, erected next to a well in which it is said that St. Patrick baptized converts to Catholicism during the 5th century.

Temple Bar

If after this you are already looking forward to a beer, then Temple Bar is your place. Located in the center of downtown Dublin, this area is characterized by the march at almost any time of the day, many pubs, Irish music, and good vibes.

The Irish are top people, really, and many will be willing to share some time with you if you give them a good pint in their hand. Temple Bar is the perfect place to meet people, songs and popular music, meals, beers.

That said the most emblematic place to see in Dublin is Temple Bar. And Temple Bar, the most tourist place is the Temple Bar. Let’s see, this may be a little mess Temple Bar is an area, and it is also a pub. Temple Bar is very touristy, very prototype of Ireland and the concept that we have her guides.

By the way, right in front of Temple Bar they have very good hamburgers! The place is called Bunsen, a great, good, beautiful and cheap place to eat in Dublin.

Molly Malone’s Statue

Molly Malone was a famous Irish woman who sold mussels and cockles during the day, but at night she practiced the oldest profession in the world.

It became popular after the popular song that James Yorkton wrote in 1880 (also called Molly Malone) and you will not hear anything for a while in any Irish pub, a couple of times. They also call her Molly Melons; I won’t say why. Although nothing you get a little closer to the statue you will notice. This place is also a good reference since many excursions to Dublin Tours surroundings usually leave from here.

Dublin Castle

Don’t look for a castle like Disney’s, not even a castle with huge towers. Moreover, it is possible that if you have already been to Dublin, you have passed a thousand times through the door and have not realized that your castle is there.

Because Dublin Castle is a little hidden, and has more form of Plaza Mayor than castle. Dublin Castle is built on an old Viking settlement, which founded the city after finding some water pools.

It was a military fortress, royal residence and today simply a meeting place between the state elite and a tourist site to see in Dublin.

Guinness Storehouse

Probably when someone think about of Dublin particularly or think about Ireland generally, some body think about beer and more specifically, in his famous Guinness Storehouse!

Well, if you like this type of black beer, go to the Guinness Storehouse, an impressive place. It is the beer museum, where they will give you all kinds of information in addition to being able to see one of the most spectacular views of the city of the Irish capital.