4 Land Tour Destinations to Explore in Labuan Bajo

Tour Destinations to Explore in Labuan Bajo

Forget the remarkable water features and activities offered in Labuan Bajo. Did you know you can enjoy amazing land tours as well?  You don’t have to go cruising or visit Komodo National park every day if you don’t like it. There’s equally much to enjoy on land. 

Labuan Bajo has numerous spots and sceneries to keep you in awe for days. Touring the whole area will expose you to new amazing sights you’ve never seen.

What’s more, the people in the area are super friendly. You’re bound to enjoy their culture and company.

Below, we look into four land tour sites you should look out for, when on a land tour around Labuan Bajo.

Take a look.

1. The Cancar Spider-web Rice field

The Cancar spider web rice field is one of the unique features of this area. Its located in Cara, a small peaceful village.

Here you’ll see not only these incredible rice fields but also the amazing heritage of the Mangaraian community.  If you’re lucky, you can be in time for the Caci Dance, a traditional dance among this tribe.

You’ll also get to take a small hike up a hill to get the best view of the area. The unending spider web rice fields are bound to impress you.

You’ll also see the unique architectural designs of houses among the Todo village.

2. Batu Cermin Caves

Not a fan of diving? That’s okay. The Batu Cermin caves are one place that’ll amaze during your day trip. The cave is also known as the ‘Mirror Stone cave’ because light penetrates through holes into the cave, producing a striking show.

The cave is home to numerous marine animals and features. Inside, you’ll see stalagmites, stalactites, different types of fish, and turtles among other animals.

Being a cave, you also won’t miss some bats, snakes and flying foxes. There’s also an echo chamber which produces some eerie sounds.

The rock structures create an excellent viewpoint for the sunrise or sunset. You, however, should be careful when visiting this cave as the terrain towards it is very slippery.

3. The Cunca Wulang Waterfalls

A few kilometres off Labuan Bajo, lies Warsawe village, a place full of natural scenery and the grand power of nature.

The Cunca Wulang waterfall falls majestically over 30meters from the mountain canyon. Around it is the breathtaking and relaxing mountain forest. If you are looking for adventure, there’s no better place!

The waterfalls provide an excellent place for activities like swimming and basking to enjoy nature. You also have to hike quite a distance to get to the falls.

This site is terrific, especially in the morning or hot afternoon trips. The roads leading to the falls may be rough, but the view you get is totally worth it.

4. Hike on the Padar Hills

Fan of hiking? Then you can’t leave Flores without a visit to the Padar Island.

The island is known for its numerous hills and its view on the whole of the island. It’ll take you some time to get to the peak of these hills, but you won’t be disappointed. 

At the top, you’ll get a view of the entire Island, from Labuan Bajo to Komodo, to Pink Beach to the Rinca Island. It’s also an amazing place to take some memorable pictures.

Depending on the time you got to the peak, you might also experience the best sunrise and sunset in your entire life. Yes, that’s how beautiful this view is.

What’s more, this Island has a beautiful beach and clear water perfect for snorkeling. Therefore, even if you were looking to enjoy some water sports, you can’t miss this hike.


There are numerous other places around Flores and Labuan Bajo that are amazing for Land tours. You only have to do your research and be specific when choosing your packages.

Therefore, even if you don’t enjoy water activities, you can still have an amazing time on this Island.

Remember, a vacation in Labuan Bajo, is a vacation you will live to remember!