6 Things to do in September Victoria Melbourne

6 Things to do in September Victoria Melbourne

Bathe in Cinema

Feel the warmth of Victoria’s very first geo thermal mineral springs at Cinema and the best part is all of this goodness is coupled with the perks of a day spa as well. It is as good as it can get. It is the whole package this place and comes with shared mineral pools, saunas -which are both wet and dry and a whole range of other pools giving guests the ultimate pool experience. Anytime between August and October this is a place that must be visited.

Harpoon Mirza,

Are you an artsy person in your soul? Then this is an experience that you simply must not miss out on. You may not have heard the name of this London born artist but his work is nevertheless something that is phenomenal to say the least.

Butterbing Flavour Frenzy 

If you are tired of monotonous sandwiches you need to sink your teeth in the cookie version. With 50 different flavours to choose from this place is going to revolutionize your cookie sandwich experience. The best part is these cookie sandwiches are gluten free and have a brownie like consistency that will work perfectly well with many pallets.

Circus OZ Aurora

The Aurora Circus is coming to Melbourne this year from September 13th up to October 6th and has a long line of exciting performances in store. Everything from its spectacular projections to their powerful soundscapes makes it feel like an out of this world experience.

Golden Shield Review

Scheduled between August 14th and September 14th this is a very popular stage performance loved by many from both the local as well as the foreign audience. 

White Night Ballarat

This year on the 21st of August White night is lighting up Ballarat and it is going to be as spectacular as ever. This after dark arts festival is picturesque and magical making it perfect, no matter who you are travelling with.

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