7 Fall Foliage Road Trips For Best Scenic Drives

Fall Foliage Road Trips For Best Scenic Drives

With the fantastic temperatures, beautiful scenery, fewer crowds, small towns, and other distinctive features, you will always have a reason to take a foliage road trip. However, due to a large number of available foliage roads, it may become difficult to choose the best for your trip. Besides this, you will want to visit a place where everyone talks about.

What you need for the trip is a stable vehicle, some snacks, a good camera, water, and other essentials. According to car experts, the land rover Ute is a perfect vehicle for such road trips. The model is convenient to drive through the foliage roads and efficiently carries all your road trip essentials.

Here are seven foliage roads in America.

1. Route 100, Vermont

Route 100 in Vermont is among the popular foliage routes you need to take. Here, when the leaves start to fall, you will experience the fantastic sight that Mother Nature has to offer. The area is filled with gorgeous Green mountains, clear lakes, meandering hills, and the best vegetation you can lay your eyes on.

Route 100, Vermont, covers 180 miles, wrapping through various towns where you can make several stops and enjoy the scenery. Some of the recreational activities you can participate in during your trip include biking, fishing, and hiking. 

2. Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

Also referred to as ‘Kanc’ by the locals, this is one scenic stretch you won’t want to miss when planning for your foliage road trips. The area is found along Route 112, and it’s the perfect place to visit during the leaf-peeping season. You can start your journey at Lincoln as you move your way east to Conway, where you will meet different crowds amazed by the beauty of this place.

The area has fewer significant establishments such as restaurants, gas stations, and stores. You will primarily be experiencing nature, including National Forest Campgrounds, Sabbaday Falls, White Mountain, and the secluded swimming parks.   

3. The Mohawk Trail, Massachusetts

This trail covers approximately 69 miles and starts from Athol to Williamston.  You can take routes 2 and 2A, where you will meet amazing foliage trails that run parallel to Deerfield River and cuts over the Connecticut River.  Here you will be amazed by the views of the Taconic and Berkshires mountains.

When traversing this place and enjoying the scenery, you have to be extra careful of the wildlife, especially the black bear and the bobcat.  The trail also has the Dead Man’s Cave, for which you need to watch out.

4. Palisade Interstate Parkway, New Jersey

The Palisade Interstate Parkway road is a 42 miles foliage-filled road that connects the GW Bridge to Bear Mountain Bridge. The area has three scenic views that you need to visit and see, including the Alpine, State Line, and the Rockefeller.

You can enjoy the most scenic views of the NJ Palisades, Manhattan, and Hudson Skylines on the mentioned spots. You can enjoy your road trip during the day and back, or spend the night in some fancy hotels around this place.

5. San Juan Skyway, Colorado

Fall Foliage Road Trips For Best Scenic Drives

Do you have five to seven hours to spare on your off-day or weekend?  You can visit the San Juan Skyway, Colorado, and enjoy the most amazing fall foliage road trip.  This road covers the Old West Locomotive hub, Durango, and the Million Dollar Highway, which connects Ouray from Silverton, Telluride, and the Mesa Verde National Park.

This 236-mile American-designed road has color-morphing aspens, several mountain passes, and other beautiful sceneries you may want to see. There are also several hotels to stay in if you want to experience the nightlife while on this road.

6. The Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, New Mexico

If living or you are visiting New Mexico, you should pass through the Enchanted Scenic Byway and enjoy the beautiful, yellowish foliage scenery. The beautiful scenery starts from Taos to Questa, and it will loop you through the communities of Eagle Nest, Angel Fire, and the Red River.

Here, the road navigates through a series of spruces, Aspens, and Pines. You will also be privileged to see the area’s highest mountain, the Wheeler Peak.  There are also hotels and restaurants you can check in for refreshments or enjoy the nightlife.

7. Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway, Maine

Do you live near Maine and have some two to three hours to space? You can drive along the Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway and enjoy the fall foliage. This route will take you through explosive yellows, burnt oranges, fire reds, all harboring some of the best features, including Upper Richardson and  Mooselookmeguntic lakes.

You can also hop into some restaurants or decide to spend your night in hotels and enjoy the most beautiful night scenery available in this place.  You will enjoy lake view rooms, roaring fireplaces, gourmet breakfast, and much more.


As discussed, you can take many fall foliage road trips and enjoy unlimited best scenic drives ever. However, the ones listed above are the best. They will offer you more beautiful scenery than you can imagine. You only need to plan for the trip during the fall and get ready for the trip.