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Thailand : Adventure


If you love water sports, the stunning islands of Phuket and Krabi have everything from jet-skiicanoeing thailandng and parasailing to banana boating and marine fishing. And Krabi has some of the best rock-climbing in the world.

The archipelagos of Similan and Surin Islands are home to around 75 per cent of Thailand’s coral species – they attract scuba-divers and snorkelers from around the world. Beneath the emerald and sapphire surface you can swim with schools of barracuda, manta rays, whale sharks, lionfish, giant leatherback turtles!

Or you could travel inland to the amazing Khao Sok National Park. Covered by the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world, huge limestone mountains shooting straight up out of the water, deep valleys, breathtaking lakes, amazing caves, wild animals and much more. It’s simply one of the most stunning places in all of Thailand.