AHPRA Registration for Nurses – Why is it Necessary in Australia?

AHPRA Registration

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

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AHPRA is the national organization responsible for implementing the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme across Australia. It works with 15 National Health Practitioner Boards in implementing the Scheme. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia is one of these National Boards, responsible for registering practitioners and students.

The Role of AHPRA

The AHPRA is a designated World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Health Workforce Regulation. It works in partnership with the WHO to promote best practices in health workforce regulation and promote access to quality health care.  As a WHO Collaborating Centre, the AHPRA engages in the following;

  • Provides technical support to strengthen health workforce regulatory systems
  • Promotes the adoption of contemporary regulatory approaches to health workforce regulation
  • Strengthens the capacity, skills, and knowledge of regulators

For more information about AHPRA, please visit; www.ahpra.gov.au

Registration of Health Practitioners in Australia

The core role of the Health Practitioner’s Board is to protect the public. To accomplish this, they ensure that only practitioners who have the mandatory skills and qualifications are registered to practice their profession. Registered practitioners who have met the requirements outlined by this professional body will only obtain the license to practice.    

Working Holiday Packages for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals

For nurses and healthcare workers seeking an Australian adventure, Australia offers the perfect working holiday experience. However, it is mandatory for these healthcare workers too to register with the AHPRA in order to work in the country.  Many healthcare agencies have perfectly designed packages that include AHPRA registration assistance too in order to help these individuals.

For more information on this matter, please visit; www.bowerhealthcare.com.au/jobs/australia-working-holiday-packages-nurses

The AHPRA Registration Application Process

When a health practitioner or student applies for registration, their application is carefully assessed against the National Board’s requirements for registration. Thus, it is ensured that the registered persons are suitably trained, qualified and meet the requirements for registration in their profession.  Once an application is received, it is assessed inclusive of the following criteria;

  • Health Impairments

Applications should state any physical or mental impairment, disability, condition or disorder that detrimentally may affect the safe practice of their profession.  It is important to provide all details of impairments and how they are managing them.  Diagnosis, treatment plans and a statement regarding their current fitness to practice is helpful in assessing such applications.

  • Criminal History

Applications should also state a full criminal history.  The applicable National Board will decide whether the information is relevant to the practice of the profession.  An Australian criminal history check is conducted on every applicant.  Registrations cannot be done until criminal history check results are received by the AHPRA.   

  • English Language Skills

Registration standards for English language skills set by the applicable National Board must be met by the applicant.  This is to ensure that practitioners communicate effectively in English with their patients/clients and other health practitioners.  This will lead to all registered practitioners being able to provide safe healthcare to their patients.

For more information on registering with the AHPRA, please visit; www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration

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