Alternative Attractions When Visiting Sydney

Alternative Attractions When Visiting Sydney

Looking to have a good time on your trip down under? You’re in the right place. The beautiful Island continent is full of eye-popping attractions. From the beautiful turquoise beaches to peculiar features such as the Uluru; you’re surely in for a treat. Sydney is a beautiful place with lovely weather, friendly people, and a tonne of cool sites to visit. Sadly, a lot of tourists focus their visits only on the few popular sites, leaving out countless remarkable spots. But worry not, this article will help you unearth other different locales and activities that are just as exciting and scenic.  

Hot Air Balloon Ride

There’s nothing that beats an incredible view like an aerial panorama. Add some spice to it and make it a balloon ride. Add some sauce to it and make it an early morning balloon ride – utterly breathtaking. You’ll get the rare chance of gliding over the city as you catch a spectacular view of the amber sunrise brightening the horizon. Balloon Aloft is one of the pioneers of the who introduced this escapade. The epic adventure normally begins at 4 am at the Rydges Hotel, located in Campbelltown. The entire balloon ride takes 3 hours. 

Bubble Tent Australia

You’re definitely going to love this particular activity. Bubble tent Australia is an ingenious idea conceived by Mayu Iwasaki and Sonny Vrebac. The bubble tent is a transparent auto-inflatable balloon-like structure fitted with a snug mattress, a telescope for stargazing, and a few power outlets. There are three bubble tents to choose from, all of them being strategically located in a secluded spot. Here’s the best part; the 360 degrees vista tents overlook the Capertee Valley, the largest valley in the entire world. Choose the Virgo tent and you and your partner will get the luxury of soaking in a wood-fired hot tub.

The Star Casino

Do you want to roll like the ultimate superstar? Head down to the Star and work those cards like a true champ. The Star is the biggest casino in Sydney covering an area of 104,450 square feet. It’s also a nice place to have fun while making bucks as you get a chance to mingle with the locals. If your poker skills are rusty, no need to worry; just know your preflop hands and you’ll be fine. You’ll have a better chance of dominating the game and showing your opponents some dust. Be sure to have practiced the fancy accent to accompany your skills. You might bite your tongue a few times before getting the hang of it though.

Cockatoo Island

If you consider yourself an outdoorsy person, you’re going to love what Sydney’s largest island of Cockatoo has to offer. The island sits at the intersection point of rivers Parramatta and Lane Cove. You’ll get to enjoy alluring views of yachts, ferries, boats, and the adjacent mainland as you cozily chill in one of your glamping tents, apartments, or campsites. 

Early Morning Kayak

Ditch the Opera house and go for a nice early morning kayak under the Sydney Harbour bridge. The early morning waters are soothingly calm with the harbor experiencing low traffic. One amazing thing about the rafts is, they all have a custom-made cup holder; a hot cup of coffee would be the perfect fit to match the picturesque view of the sunrise. You won’t require much effort to paddle through the still, early morning waters. Instructors Ben Run and Laura Stone would guide you through incredible places that qualify for the perfect Instagram and Pinterest photos. 

Sydney Tower

When you want to feel like you are on top of the world, explore the Sydney Tower Eye. It’s the highest point in the city offering an all-angle viewpoint of the whole region. Anytime is always a perfect time to catch a glimpse of the city. However, viewing the city at night is always intriguing. The tower is always operational all day long, throughout the year. 

Skydiving at Wollongong Beach

This last activity ends the list with a punch. Skydiving over the Wollongong beach simply offers remarkable outlooks. As you descend, you’ll get the privilege of having an impeccable view of the lighthouse sitting on lush green vegetation as well as white waves crashing on the shores. No doubt you’ll be in the skies soon after your first experience.