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angie hart

angie hartAn interview with Angie hart by Terri Eaton

Australians worship home-grown talent more than Vegemite and, luckily, we’ve grabbed an interview with a certain artistic apple that has fallen from the country’s talent tree. No, it’s not Granny Smith: it’s singer/ songwriter, Angie Hart!
Hart is best known for her whispery, angelic voice (much like ourselves) and has been on the music scene since 1989. She fronted band, Frente! until 1996 before becoming one half of pop-due, Splendid in 1998. Like all good things, that came to an end in 2004 but she rose like a phoenix from the musical flames in 2007 as a solo artist.
Now, success is truly hers because she’s being quizzed by BBM. How does she feel? Overwhelmed? Honoured?
“I’m a little hungover to be honest. I went to my friend’s fundraiser last night.”
We liked her immediately.
As well as partying in the name of fundraising, the singer recently performed at the S.L.A.M rally in Melbourne, demonstrating to fight the closure of ever-dwindling live music venues.
“It had such an exciting atmosphere. There was a really good turnout. The organizers quoted that there were 10,000 people there but from my view on stage, it looked like there were far more than that. It was lovely to have all that support considering your music begins within a small vacuum in your own house.”
From teeny-weeny venues to a crowd of thousands, Hart explains why she hearts festivals.
“I always look forward to seeing as much new music as possible. That’s what festivals are all about. I’ve been in front of some great audiences these past few months. The brilliant thing about it is that everyone is willing to listen. It’s a great opportunity to play my new stuff and the crowds seem to be enjoying it because it’s a lot more up-tempo than some of my earlier material.
“However, I’ve been appointed the designated driver for Between the Bays festival. I’ll watch as many bands as I can throughout the day but when it’s time to go, I’ll be the one driving everyone home.”
Before you crazy younglings start aspiring to be happy-go-lucky musicians, driving hammered mates home isn’t the toughest thing Hart has faced throughout her career.
“I had a really peculiar experience once. It’s more unpleasant than peculiar, but I had an empty glass thrown at my head. It hit me right between the eyes! Apparently, it was an act of love. They found the girl who did it and she was on drugs saying she wanted to channel a way to touch me.
“For years I thought I might have imagined it, but I went to a radio station recently and they recalled it, so it did happen. It was a good 10years ago, but still unpleasant.”
Things have changed dramatically for the singer in those ten years. For one, people don’t hurl glasses at her anymore. The scariest thing she has to tackle these days is a lonesome recording studio.
Speaking of recording her first album, Grounded Bird, “It was absolutely petrifying,” she confesses. “It was my first solo work and it was all of my own sound together for the first time. Eat My Shadow being my second album, the process was much calmer and more mature. In some respects, it’s fantastic being a solo artist because everything I dream up is mine and there’s no compromise. It’s always fun being in a band though.”
Angie vividly recalls a band-related perk the likes of Paul McCartney could only dream of…a Home and Away cameo. We let the lady explain (before grilling her on the man, the legend, Alf Stewart of course).
“We [Frente!] were the band playing at the Beach House in Summer Bay back in 1993. The whole thing was really surreal. It was weird being surrounded by people pretending to be something they’re not and we were just being ourselves. Very weird. It’s how we achieved our success in the UK actually (*Britain’s cultural sophistication strikes again).
So albums and festivals aside, we asked her to confess a skeleton from her closet.
“I hate mushrooms and mayonnaise! They make me angry. I used to love mushrooms (ordinary garden mushrooms, not the magic kind) and one day I ate a whole chopping board of raw mushrooms and let’s just say it got very messy. I don’t like mayonnaise full stop. It’s really suspicious and smells of egg all the time.”

On that egg shell…you can catch Angie at Between the Bays festival on 20th March. Just don’t throw any glasses or mushrooms at her.