Are You Sending Money To Or From Australia?

sending money to or from australia

How moneycorp can help you save money

Moneycorp can help you to move money if you’re emigrating or moving back home.

If you are moving permanently to Australia it is likely you will have a number of international payments to make along the way. Or if you have already moved overseas and need to send money back home, we can help you too.

Being a money transfer specialist company, moneycorp offer competitive exchange rates and provide a personalised service, helping you make the most of your money.

Use your bank or moneycorp?

Banks are usually expensive to use for money transfers and will not offer competitive rates of exchange. moneycorp may be able to offer an exchange rate up to 4% better than your bank – this means you could save you a lot of money when using moneycorp.

In addition, the service you will receive can help you maximise the overseas money transfers you make – you will have an Account Manager who can provide information and guidance on the Australian dollar. This is important as the exchange rate fluctuates so getting the timing right of your currency transfers is crucial.

No transfer fees

When making an international money transfer, your bank could charge you £20-40 (or currency equivalent) as a transfer fee – this would be regardless of the amount you are transferring.

Get started with moneycorp

The first step is to register for a free, no obligation moneycorp account – the process only takes a few minutes – click here to register online with moneycorp.

Once registered, you will have an Account Manager on hand to provide live quotes and they can talk through your money transfer requirements in detail.

To ask a question click here.

Moneycorp is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority – they have been providing foreign exchange services for over 35 years.

By John Kinghorn from moneycorp