Australian Backpacker News Covid 19

Corona Virus and Backpackers
Australian Backpacker News COVID 19. What are the COVID 19 restrictions in place in Australia?

Australian Prime Minister’s Announcement

18 March 2020, the Prime Minister, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP announced new measures to protect Australians from coronavirus (COVID-19). These include:
  • a limit of no more than 100 people for non-essential indoor gatherings.
  • a limit of no more than 500 people for outdoor gatherings.
  • cancellation of ANZAC day ceremonies.
  • restrictions on visitors to aged care facilities.
  • restrictions on Australians traveling overseas.

Corona Virus is still not under the control of Victorian Authorities

With no immediate end in Sight and Victoria’s infection slowing not to such an extent that restrictions can be lifted. Frustrations are mounting and protests are being made. A road map to opening Borders by December has been agreed upon. However, the Victorian Government is still not ready to say yes to reducing restrictions.

Backpackers Go Home

In WA, the government advised Backpacker to return home in a bid to keep the virus under control. The implications for farmers are serious and if the annual supply of working holiday visa holders gets reduced. As Backpackers return home and the new arrival disappears the Australian farm labor force will dry up. It is likely that farmers will experience a catastrophic scenario in the coming months.

Working Holiday visa holders

Working holiday visas 417. It is initially available for 12 months, this can be extended by another 12 months if visa holders work in Farms for 3 months.

International Students

Some effort is being made to bring international students into Australia.

However, this year has shown that the Australian economy is very dependent in terms of student intake from China. China is not too please with the current Australian foreign policy. Many businesses depend totally on students to provide and maintain services. All these businesses are at risk if the flow of international students continues to be slow.