Awesome Reef And Whitehaven Adventure

7 Best Snorkelling Spots Near Perth Western Australia

Dive straight into the heart of the Great Barrier Reef with a 3-day reef and Whitehaven adventure tour two of Australia’s icons with Awesome Whitsundays.

For 3 days, you can explore some of the most beautiful areas of Australia, including Airlie Beach, the Great Barrier Reef, and of course, the Whitsunday Islands.

With this Awesome Whitsundays package you can begin by exploring Airlie beach, topping up your tan by the luxury pool, the amazing lagoon or the stunning beach.

Airlie beach truly is a must see area, and is a town with plenty of bars, restaurants and shops. Although it is a little town, it is lively enough to keep you entertained!

The Whitsundays is right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. On this tour you will be lucky enough to board one of the modern and fast cruising vessels to explore and travel through the Whitsunday Islands and go snorkelling through thousands and thousands of vibrant fish. Enjoy your time here diving and swimming, before taking an amazingly scenic flight to the famous Heart Reef or just simply sunbathe and soak up the sun on the sundeck.

What better way to explore the Whitsundays than on an amazing sailing adventure through the islands?

The area is truly known as a sailors’ paradise, so help a crew hoist the sails, spend the day swimming, snorkelling and lapping up the thrill of sailing on board the ‘Camira’. With this Awesome Whitsundays package, you can stay at the gorgeous and lively town of Airlie Beach and immerse yourself in the vibrancy of the Whitsunday Islands.

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