Backpacker Whitsundays Sailing Tours with Bare Travels

Backpacker Whitsundays Sailing Tours with Bare Travels

Amazing Backpacker Whitsundays Sailing Tours with Bare Travels

Nestled lovingly close to the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands are ideal for sailing. Backpacker Whitsundays sailing tours with Bare Travels offer memorable times to adventure seekers.

Snorkel to meet vibrant sea creatures and brave the sea waters on a kayak. Stargaze and go for a bush walk to drink in the serenity of Whitsundays.

About Whitsundays Islands

A backpacker’s dream destination, Whitsunday Islands dot the blue-green seas like sparkling emeralds. These 74 islands were home to seafaring Nagro people. Hence, the islands are scattered with intriguing archaeological sites. Most of the islands are uninhabited and perfect for getting in tune with nature.

Sail Away

Cruise through the sapphire blue depths and let the salty breeze invigorate you. Put on your swimsuit and lie back to enjoy the sun on your skin. You’ll sail pass the islands in a state of bliss brought on by salty winds, gentle crash of waves and aquamarine hues all around you.

Meet Sea Creatures at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Dive into marvel at the rich, effervescent and complex eco-system beneath the sea. Around 1,500 species of fish and 360 species of coral thrive within the Great Barrier Reef. On a lucky day, you’ll even experience the thrill of a mysterious turtle pass you by. Marine turtles and dugong to call the Great Barrier Reef home. Turtles usually swim close to fringing reefs near the islands. From time to time, they bob up to breath.

Enjoy a Bushwalk

Go on a bushwalk to experience the innate tranquility of Whitsundays Islands. At the top of the Whitsunday Island, you’ll catch a breathtaking vista of the swirling sands of the shore and turquoise waters. Learn about the intriguing history of the Ngaro people and native plants and animals.

A trip to Whitehaven Beach

Fine, powdery and near lumimiscent, silica sand makes Whitehaven beach a perfect stretch for barefoot walking. It is one of the most eco-friendly and clean beaches in the world. The beach stretches for 7 kilometers.

Essential for the Journey

Bring light clothing and your swimwear. If you are touring during the cooler months from June to September, a track suit might come in handy. You’ll of course need sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. If you can bring Polarized sunglasses, they will help you see the reef better. We provide snorkeling gear. Bring sturdy footwear including sand shoes and easy to walk-in, comfortable shoes for walking.

Excited? Go ahead and book a Backpacker Whitsundays sailing tour with Bare Travels.

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