Backpacking Down Under? Don’t Forget to Bring These Essential Items

Backpacker walking in jungle


Is backpacking among your bucket list? Or is it just one of your most favorite leisure activities that you do from time to time? Or, maybe you’re one of those newbies who are so excited about trying backpacking for the first time. Well, your excitement must be coupled with preparation. Whether you’re planning to trail off the beaten path or just want to explore places you haven’t gone before, being prepared is crucial. Good preparation spells the difference between the best and worst backpacking experience. Start your preparation with knowing what to pack. Check out the following:


This is the reason why it’s called backpacking! You need a backpack first and foremost! Since you’ll be putting all your essentials into your backpack, make sure you choose a durable one. Backpacks that have several storage spaces will be a good option. Remember that you’ll be far from home for days so better select one that offers great mobility, comfort and flexibility.


Never let a stiff neck and painful back ruin your adventure. Some people may argue they don’t need one. But, if you’re the type of person who thinks sleep is crucial for a clear functioning brain all throughout your travel then grab a good pillow. Check the internet for some ultralight pillow comparison and see which one suits you best. It is important to choose a pillow that’s ultralight so you won’t have to feel that it’s added burden to your backpack.

Sleeping Bag

You can’t last backpacking for days without getting a good sleep at night. And, without your cozy bed and airconditioned room with you, the next best thing to do is to bring a sleeping bag. Choose one that suits the climate where you’ll be heading. If you’re in for a high altitude hiking, opt for a zero degree sleeping bag.Make sure it is light and can be compressed down.


Look for tents that are lightweight and durable. Remember that the tent would probably be the bulkiest thing that you would have to bring when backpacking. So, select the type that is super lightweight yet durable. If you’re all alone, choose a one person tent. If you’re traveling with a partner, opt for the two person tent.

GPS-enabled Satellite Phone

This is no doubt expensive but is truly a life-saver. A GPS enabled satellite phone will greatly help you in times of emergency. It will make search and rescue operations faster and easier to do. Choose a model that is also lightweight.This way, you won’t have to worry about it adding so much weight on your backpack.

Water Filter

The importance of keeping yourself hydrated all throughout your backpacking days cannot be overemphasized. But, going to places where you are unsure about the availability of clean purified water increases your risk of getting hydrated. Luckily, you can now purchase a portable water filter that’s small enough to bring during your travel. When shopping for one,  check for the pros and cons of each model since water filters may vary in quality and price.

Camping Stove

A camping stove would be very helpful especially if you’ll be hiking in places that have high altitude. Look for a camping stove that quickly brings water to a boil. This way, you can be assured of quick access to hot water despite being surrounded with snow. Of course, your camping stove must be coupled with a small lighter.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of the essentials that you should bring during backpacking. But, don’t ever miss a single thing from the list.