Tips & Tricks For Precision Long-Range Hunting

Tips & Tricks For Precision Long-Range Hunting

There is no way to get better at something if you think you already know it all. Whether you are a newbie hunter or have years of experience in the sport, there are bound to be some aspects of your technique that could be improved. Reading up or refreshing your understanding of how to shoot at longer ranges will allow you to become better at the sport and will simply help you become a better all-around hunter. 

Let’s look at some tips and tricks that will help to improve the precision of your long-range hunting.

Use A High-Quality Scope

One of the easiest technical methods you can use you to improve your long-range hunting is to use a high-quality scope, such as one made by Steiner. You may already be using a scope of some kind to aid your shooting accuracy; however, scopes that are offered at a higher price point will typically be more reliable and accurate than cheaper variants. Make the upgrade to be sure that your equipment is not going to hold you back.

Shoot From A Comfortable Position

Shooting with precision requires the shooter to maintain a stable and constant position for an extended period of time. In order to line up a shot, you must be able to keep a stance or crouch without feeling the urgent need to change position. To make this easier on yourself and to improve the accuracy of your shooting, make sure that you are set up in a comfortable position.

In other words, do not bend your arm or position your legs and feet in a way that makes you feel like you need to change positions again quickly. Find a position that will allow you to relax while leaving you alert to the task at hand.

Control Recoil With The Right Grip

Those who are newer to hunting tend to grip their rifles too tight. This can interfere with accuracy, especially at long ranges. It is better to find a balance between a firm grip and a grip that will allow you to deal with recoil effectively. If you grab onto your rifle with too much force, you will end up shaking your entire body out of position, which will reduce your accuracy.

Understand How Wind Influences Precision

Most hunters are aware of the effect that wind can have on your accuracy. However, it takes experience to adjust for this factor. Start slow and learn to make adjustments for the different directions and wind speeds on the way to your target. Once you have an intuitive sense of how to do this, you will notice that your accuracy improves dramatically.

Practice Shooting At Shorter Ranges

Nobody can become a long-range shooting expert overnight. As with anything, practice makes perfect. Start shooting at shorter distances to refine your technique. Once you have mastered the basics of shooting at short range, you can slowly increase the distance over time.

Perfection Comes With Expertise

Some things simply take time and experience to master. Shooting at long ranges takes lots of practice to perfect. Beyond wind, there are a host of other factors that play into your shooting accuracy, and experience will allow you to encounter all of these, and teach you how to adjust them into your technique.

Improve Your Long-Range Abilities

These simple tips will help you to become a better long-range shooter, both at the firing range and out in the field while you are hunting. Consider these points when you are practising or on a hunt in the near future and be sure to get in plenty of practice whenever you can.