Lance Ferguson is modest about his band’s achievements. Admitting “I initially didn’t have grand plans for the band,” it could be said that as The Bamboos approach their first decade, Ferguson and his comrades are effortlessly Australia’s most successful modern Funk & Soul band.

Having started out as a quartet gigging at The Night Cat in Fitzroy, by 2001 they had funded their own 7”. Looking back on those initial baby steps, Ferguson concedes “when I independently released our first record and it got the response it did, I guess I first realised there was something in it.”

As is the way of the world, what started as mates gigging soon grew into much more.

Having clearly enjoyed the ride, Ferguson lets on “these things seem to take on a life of their own sometimes and then you just scramble to deal with it.”

Soon enough The Bamboos found themselves signed to UK label Tru Thoughts and started to spend more of their time on the road throughout Europe. It was whilst on the road that an idea slapped Ferguson on the back. “When we toured Europe for the first time as an instrumental band to some really good crowds I was thinking – this is crazy! Imagine what it will be like with a singer.”

Before they could click their fingers, Kylie Auldist had been signed up to take on the vocals and The Bamboos were finally ready for world domination, with their music being featured on everything from Ugly Betty through to Packed To the Rafters.

With a series of gigs to celebrate their tenth birthday, Ferguson feels “the music has evolved a lot so it will be interesting to see how the old stuff sounds next to the newer material. I think we’re going to have to take a band vote on a few things.”


The Bamboos will be performing at this years Gumball Festival on the 29th and 30th April 2011

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