Beached AZ

Beached Az

Beached AzAN animated beached whale talking to various seaside animals about trivial day to day subjects in fake Kiwi accents. Sounds like comedy gold right? Well no it doesn’t to be honest. Yet it is! Just ask the 3million people who’ve watched the cult YouTube clips that have spawned one of the coolest Aussie comedy creations in years. BBM’s Richard Gadsby caught up with Beached Az co-creator Nick Boshier ahead of the release of the DVD…

Hi Nick what are you up to today?
I’m out driving with my dad at the minute, and then I’m meeting some peeps from SBS a bit later for a chat.

Cool. Are you making a Hollywood blockbuster?
That’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re going to make a big-budget three-hour epic in 3-D with all the top stars shot on location.

Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman?
They might get cameos, we’re going more underground to be honest. We’ve got Joaquin Phoenix in it – he’s going to voice a seagull.

Will his method acting see him dress up as a seagull for three months beforehand?
That’s why we wanted him. He’s such a character Joaquin, so intense. We were delighted to get him.

And presumably he’ll appear on Letterman as a seagull.
That’s the beauty of Joaquin. You get the whole package… I have to say this is the most unexpected start to an interview I’ve ever had – which is a good thing!

Yes it has gone a bit random …ahem, I suppose we should get down to business – what can we expect from the DVD?
What can you expect? We’re really pleased with it actually. There’s loads of cool features and all the episodes are on there. You can have it in different languages – we just made one up called ‘Asian’…

Do you get much stick from Kiwis for the accents?
No they’ve totally embraced it. They’ve made it their own. When they actually let us into the country we figured they must be all right with us.

No cavity searches then?
No cavity searches. Although after being locked away for so long on the DVD it would have been nice to share that kind of intimacy with another human being…

– Beached Az: The Complete Collection is out now on DVD.