Best Beach Hostel In Geraldton

Best Beach Hostel In Geraldton

Geraldton is one of Western Australia’s famously recognised treasures. Geraldton is a coastal city in the Mid-West region of WA and is located 424 kilometres north of Perth. This place is packed with activities and has incredible beach hostels to return after a day of adventure.

Here Is Our Top Pick Of Things To Do To Match The Best Beach Hostels In Geraldton

Abrolhos Flyover

The Houtman Abrolhos is a tight chain of 122 Islands that are also occupied by coral reefs. There are endless opportunities to grab yourself a scenic flight tour over the Islands and for good reason; The sights from above is nothing short of breath taking!

Geraldton Tubing Experience

Let’s face it, being flung around on water by a speed boat whilst sat on a blown up rubber tube is by far one of the most exciting activities known to man. It seems that it is almost a regional sport in Geraldton and so, whilst you are here, be sure to release your inner adrenaline junky.

Geraldton Jetpack Experience

We have all seen them before and yet very few can say that they have “Iron Man’d” themselves before. No longer should this be the case. Ridiculously affordable and ridiculously fun, the Jetpack Experience is absolutely a no brainer!

Geraldton Jet Ski Hire

What can beat grabbing a jet ski for hire with your mates, wacking on the shades, posing for your greatest hardcore pics for Insta and Wizzing across the ocean as fast as you can muster. This activity is perfect to fill the morning and then leave the rest of the day to find your way around this amazing city and seeing everything else it has to offer.
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Best Beach Hostels In Geraldton

Whether you are on your Perth To Broome Tours, road tripping with your buddies or in need of a quick fix adventure; These Best Beach Hostels in Geraldton will give you a place to put your feet up after a day out enjoying all of these explosive activities.
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