Best Beach Hostels In Cairns

Best Beach Hostels In Cairns

Whenever a backpacker lands in the East Coast of Australia, they are either way up in Cairns or plotting their way up to Cairns. This is because Cairns offers everything any traveller could ever wish for and to make sure you land on your feet when you get there, here are the Best Beach Hostels In cairns.

Here are the top pick of things to do with the best beach hostels in Cairns

Do a one-day Kuranda Rainforest Tour

Journeying to Kuranda (25 km north-west of Cairns) – The incredible 115-minute journey orientates you through thick rainforest, waterfalls and 320-metre steep ravines. The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway built carefully with diligent respect for the ecology and surrounding habitats. Guests are always  encouraged to stop at the two stations and stand in awe whilst immersing themselves in the lush rainforest.
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Naturally, the backpacker budget doesnt always allowe us to delve into every single tour in sight. One of the greatest ways to take in the vibrant atmosphere of Cairns is to simply chillax.
You can catch a  bus, drive or cycle your way to Palm Cove, a a quaint seaside village 20 minutes north of Cairns.In addition to this you can also take a nice stroll along the beach to Alamanda Palm Cove Resort for some quiet time on the rooftop villa. This place has plenty of cafes which makes it perfect to chill out in the sun whilst grabbing a feed.

Rustys market

Rustys Market is a perfect way to localise yourself with Cairns. Here is a incredible outlet of creativity and home grown produce. No doubt, you can definitely find yourself in this place for hours just roaming around and checking out the stools.

 Best Beach Hostels in Cairns

Cairns is absolutely a must on any travellers bucket list and so, it serves to make certain you find yourself a pick of the best beach hostels in Cairns.
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