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  • Best Surf Camps in Sydney

    Best Surf Camps in Sydney

    If you have found yourself in the land down under then you are either currently in Sydney, or shall be crossing paths with this incredible city very soon. Whilst you are here, there is no better way to Aussie-fy yourself is to get down to the beach and catch some surf. To make sure you have the time of your life, here are our top pick of the best surf camps in Sydney.


    Here are Sydney’s Top 3 Favorite Beaches with the Best Surf Camps

    Palm Beach, Sydney

    Just one hour north of the CBD is the progressively popular Palm Beach. It is well known amongst locals and tourists, but it is still relatively quiet when compared to beaches like Bondi but it still offers something for everyone. At the northern end of the beach is a spot for suffers, so swimmers can enjoy the calmer waters. Palm Beach is also the Home of the TV series ‘Home And Away’ which can be an added aspect of entertainment when you never know who you are swimming next to!!

    Bondi Beach, Sydney

    Bondi is one of the best beaches in Sydney and for good reason. It is known for getting busy but this is also what makes it so incredible, because it always carries an explosive atmosphere. Bondi is also popular because of the surrounding activities that are accessible; there are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby to take it all in.

    Manly Beach, Sydney

    Manly Beach is famous amongst sporting enthusiasts as there is everything from jet boating, stand up paddle boarding and even beach volleyball. There is of course, still the fact that it is a beach, which means there is plenty of room for lounging in the sun and daydreaming the day away. Manly Beach is also well known amongst surfers, which is a perfect chance to get into the sea and give it a crack, or even swim in safe distance and watch all the surfers get wild.

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    Best Surf Camps In Sydney


    Whether you are enjoying your East Coast Australia Tours or simply passing through. Don’t miss out on our top picks of the best surf camps in Sydney.

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