Burning Down the House


BurningDowntheHouseBurning Down the House
DON’T tell us you didn’t make the threat to your parents on a Monday morning when you were a child. “I just wish somebody would burn the school down so I can bake cookies with you all day!” – or was it just the BBM team who wanted to bake cookies every day?

Well thank the lord because somebody (pictured) has finally followed through. Fire crews were called to Nunawading Christian College last week following reports a fire had taken hold in the schools classrooms.

A Fire Brigade spokesman said the fire was contained to a three metre by three metre room used for arts and crafts and not for survival techniques as originally thought.

Surprisingly out of the seven who went to hospital (clearly people who wanted a full day off instead of a simple inconvenience), three were teachers! Too many exams to mark, eh?

The classroom above the art room was used as a small spray painting booth where students had been lacquering wooden projects. Sparks from a grinder ignited fumes given off from the lacquering process and engulfed the rooms in flames.