Chiddy Bang


ChiddyIn between wowing audiences at the Parklife festival, Chiddy from Chiddy Bang was kind enough to sit down with BBM’S BEN HARLUM to discuss the tour, and their new EP.

How have you been enjoying Parklife?
It’s been amazing! I think it’s been one of the dopest festivals we’ve ever done, in the sense that it’s a collection of some of the best acts, who are all super talented. It’s like summer camp!

Did you expect to explode so quickly in the UK?
We didn’t expect anything to happen! The story of Chiddy Bang is to expect the unexpected, we didn’t expect for our first mixtape to get any downloads – and we got 100,000 downloads in a month! The single was number eight in the UK, but we actually got our first platnium plaque here in Australia.

What can we expect from the new EP – is it a true preview of the new album?
It’s definitely a preview to everything we’re doing. To sum it up, The Preview is songs for your car while the new album dropping next year will be songs for the stadium – it has a bigger sound, and it’s going to take everything to the next level.

It’s hard to pin you down to one genre, do you think that’s helped to expand your fanbase?
Definitely! That’s how we started out, making so much different music without entering into one genre. It’s exciting, man, we’re making hip-hop stuff, electronic… We don’t sit down and think what we are, we just do what’s dope to us.
Which do you enjoy more, picking those songs to sample or creating the original beats?
I like both! Making the original stuff is dope for us because it’s new and we’re creating it from scratch. At the same time, what got us here is reworking indie songs so you don’t want to alienate the fans. We’re going to be throwing the samples in, but we’re moving forward with coming up with our own shit.

You’ve called yourself the kings of the basement jam – what makes the perfect basement jam?
You’ve got your DJ up front, a whole lot of impromptu freestylin’. Back in college I’d stand up and freestyle for hours. You’ve gotta have your alcohol, and as small a space as possible. But, it’s gotta be packed – you’ve gotta pack out the smallest places!

Chiddy Bang’s new EP The Preview is available right now.