Confusion over Rugby League World Cup Draw

Confusion over Rugby League World Cup Draw

Confusion over Rugby League World Cup Draw after Prince Harry kicks the Royals to Touch

Rugby League went peak Rugby League when they announced that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, would host the official draw for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup. This was obviously met with a great deal of excitement as folks around the world diarised the 16th of January as a day not to miss.

Only, a couple of hours after the hullabaloo of the announced died down, the Prince and his wife, Meghan Markle, announced that they had officially had enough of the Royal Family and were quitting their royal duties. Peak Rugby League.

It’s unclear who will do the draw after all of these developments, but at least now that Harry has gone rogue, he can get on a massive a380, fly business class to Sydney and watch the Roosters win another Grand Final without Piers Morgan suffering a minor stroke. Look, it may not be the Roosters, although they are the favourites in the latest NRL betting with the defending champions at 10/3 to do it again. However, it could be the Melbourne Storm or the Brisbane Broncos for that matter; either way, at least the prince can enjoy his NRL in peace now.

Indeed, the prince has a connection with rugby league that goes back some way having worked with the NRL’s Harmony Program in the past. 

With a bit more time on his hands now he surely will get out to Aus a bit more, and people shouldn’t be so upset really. Besides, Harry is sixth in line to take over, so there is more chance of Ian Botham being called up to the England cricket side then there is Harry to the throne.

But enough of that now, more on the NRL season that is approaching at a frightening rate. 

And what a season it promises to be, with the start date getting closer every day. As mentioned, the Sydney Roosters will be very confident that they can get it done again after storming to the title last year in the Grand Final. The realistic challenges come in the form of the Melbourne Storm and Canberra Raiders, but it will be interesting to see who comes charging through the pack out of nowhere.  

More often than not we are blindsided by a team that no one saw coming, and it must be said, that is one of the best features about the NRL; it can be unpredictable and dish up a few tasty storylines throughout the course of the season. 

In fact, we could have our first headline with the news that Latrell Mitchell has left the Roosters to join fellow Sydney side the Rabbitohs. This could be one to watch with the Rabbitohs at odds of 10/1 to win the Grand Final and probably not as far off the pace as people think. There’s nothing like leaving a team for one in the same city, so expect some fireworks when these two meet on the 27th March.

You can feel the excitement for the upcoming season, can’t you? There really is nothing like NRL and the start can’t come soon enough.