Insta-View with Charlotte Dunning: Contiki Australia Adventure Tour

We caught up with Charlotte Dunning who recently embarked on the crazy Contiki Australia Outback Adventure tour. She shared her exceptional experiences, reviewed the tour and has even given us an Instagram journey to follow. Enjoy! 

Contiki Australia Review – with Charlotte Dunning



What Contiki holiday did you choose and why?

Over the Summer Holidays I decided to go on Contiki Australia Outback Adventure throughout the Northern Territory with one of my best friends Rae. Personally speaking, I was in desperate need for not only a break from the real world but also an adventure, something I had never done before, something that was really going to push me out of my comfort zone and the Outback Adventure just ticked all those boxes.



Why did Contiki appeal to you?

Somehow I got lucky enough to have a Travel Broker for a mother, so throughout the years of working for her in the Office I was able to pick up many travel brochures. Contiki has always stood out to me more than any of the other tour company’s because it just seemed to fit my personality perfectly. It caters for everything and that’s what I really like about it. It’s not always about getting rowdy with strangers, sometimes it’s about getting up at 3am in the morning, climbing to the top of a canyon and watching the sunrise in complete silence with strangers, I honestly couldn’t ask for more.



Where were your favourite places on the tour?

The northern territory blew everything out of the water for me, I didn’t really know what quite to expect when I first booked my holiday – you see the odd thing every now and again on TV but that barely scratches the surface. I think my favourite place to Visit was Kings Canyon, it honestly just blew me away, the views, the scenery the people, it was a truly magical day we spent there and sleeping under the stars just made it truly spectacular. The quad bikes up around Kings Canyon Station was truly one of the most memorable moments of the tour, I don’t think anything quite compares, definitely a must do! I also really enjoyed Kakadu National Park, it was so chill. Its funny to look back now because my two favourite places on the trip were places that had zero reception and Wifi, literally off the grid, and it was the best time!



What were the main highlights of the tour?

The optional’s were my biggest high lights think, I mean you can’t complain with a Harley Davidson Ride around Uluru on New Year’s Eve can you? I think not! The one true moment which I cannot forget was at Kings Canyon Rim walk. I honestly didn’t think I was going to manage a three hour walk after getting up at 3am but I am truly glad I did it, it was truly spectacular. I get all chocked up thinking about it because it was such an incredible experience. To be honest, I would rate the walk higher than visiting the Grand Canyon in the USA via helicopter, and that’s a big call.



What one word would you use to sum up your experience?




What would be your number one tip for travelling with Contiki?

PLAN! Honestly, the first Contiki I went on I didn’t plan much at all, but on my Australian tour I planned like nothing else and it was so refreshing! I knew exactly what optionals I was thinking about doing, and budgeted to do all of them and then picked from there on the trip. Also planning food, honestly you don’t need to go to a restaurant or café and buy food every day. My friend and I went to the supermarket and organise our food for three days in advanced and it was the best decision we made because 1. We saved money 2. We had more money to shop with 3. We actually ate healthy which is sometimes hard to do when you are buying takeaways every day.



Where else would you like to travel in Australia or elsewhere?

I think the next place I will do is Europe, and to be honest I think I will do it with the people I met on Contiki just because we have become such great friends and the most important thing of all I know how they travel!

If you want to check out more of Charlotte’s incredible insta-journey then have a look at her Instagram account! @mecharlotteelizabeth

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