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courtney cox interview

courtney cox interviewWHILE we consider gracing the cover of BBM a couple of weeks ago a career-defining achievement, Courteney Cox has had a lot more than just a magazine cover – starring in Friends, the Scream Trilogy and now Cougar Town (not to mention the music video for Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark) BBM caught up with Courteney to discuss the DVD release of Cougar Town.

Your character in Cougar Town is horrified at the thought of turning 40. How did you feel when you reached that age?

Turning 40 wasn’t too bad for me because I don’t remember it. I had given birth to my daughter, Coco, two days before my 40th birthday, so I was lying in bed with her all day long. I couldn’t believe I had a kid and I didn’t know what to do with her. To be honest, turning 40 was fine – but turning 45 really struck a nerve.

The first scene of the show is very revealing. Your character stands in front of a mirror scantily clad. Be honest, did you use a body double?

No, that was me. That was me at my worst and I certainly didn’t need to show it to everybody – but that’s the real side of being 40. I think it was important for my character to be shown as real, which is why I did it and that’s why it’s my body on display. I have had a kid, so my stomach will never be tight – and I don’t care. I’m sitting here right now and I know my stomach isn’t flat. It’s just what it is. I had a baby at 40 and that’s what happens.

‘Cougar’ is not the only term popping up. There’s now ‘panther’ and ‘saber-tooth’ as well. Do you know the difference?

I do. They all relate to different age groups. The cougars are in their 40s and the pumas are in their 30s. I think the saber-tooths are in their 60s and the jaguars are in their 50s. That’s what I hear, anyway. I used to think the term ‘cougar’ described a woman who had a lot of plastic surgery, a woman who was trying to look younger in order to date someone younger. Now I think it refers to a woman who uses her experience and her confidence to date younger guys – and they find her attractive. There are lot of men out there who are more attracted to older women because of their experience and the fact that there’s no game playing. I know that my husband certainly feels like this, too. He likes older women. I’m young compared to some of the people he’s gone out with.

Have you met any real life cougars?

You know what? I had a cougar over at my house on Sunday. I didn’t ask her if she watched the show, but she was definitely a fully-fledged cougar. She’s amazing, but I’m not going to tell you who she is.

Friends had a ton of guest actors show up, will any be moving to Cougar Town?

We have people like Sheryl Crow and Lisa Kudrow appearing in the first season, which has been a lot of fun – but I hope we have more guest stars as the show continues. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens as we move forward…

Season One of Cougar Town is available right now on DVD.