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Cape Verde aerial shot

Situated off of the West Coast of Africa, Cape Verde presents a temperate climate all year around for those looking for a holiday during the winter or summer months.

A holiday in Cape Verde is far from average. The official country, Republic of Cabo Verde is made up of ten tropical islands including; Sal, Boa Vista, Santiago, Sao Vincente, Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau, Fogo, Malo, Brava, and a further five islets. As the island names suggest, the Portugese discovered the Cape Verde archipelago in the 15th Century, and is now a fantastic melting pot of African and Portugese cultures.

Fast forward to the 21st Century, and here you’ll find the stunning clear blue waters of the Atlantic lapping the sandy shores of this fantastic getaway. Whether you’re looking for a snorkeling holiday, or to discover the intrepid volcanic hills of Cape Verde, or simply laze around on the beach there’s plenty to do here. Another popular way to spend your holiday in Cape Verde is to go island hopping.

Fogo Cape Verde town

Each island has its own personality and attractions, so if you find you prefer one to the other, you can easily take a ferry to the next one – but be sure to check schedules as not all the islands run a regular service.

The most popular island of Sal takes its name from originally being a popular salt mining island, and to this day you can find salt marshes, deserts and dormant volcanoes. Sal is very popular with surfers from November to June when the strong trade winds create epic waves to be enjoyed by boarding enthusiasts. The city of Santa Maria sports luxury resorts as well as activities such as surfing, waterskiing, diving and horse riding making it a great destination for those looking for an active holiday.

For keen divers, the seabed surrounding the largest island of Santiago provides a feast for the eyes with a number of 16th Century shipwrecks littering the sea floor. Here you’ll find marine life such as yellowfin tuna and eels, which is also reflected in the fish and seafood cuisine you’ll find in this interesting island paradise. The cuisine of Cape Verde combines the very staples of Portugese and African food such as seafood, sausage, stews and maize, flavoured with garlic, lemon and olive oil resulting in putting its very own stamp on the culinary delights to be sampled around Cape Verde.

pico cape verde

If you’re looking for intrepid adventure whilst visiting Cape Verde then no visit is complete without landing on the island of Fogo, also known as The Volcanic Island. The landscape is dominated by the looming sight of Pico – which stands at an impressive 2,829 metres high. Still active, the volcano spews out sulphur vapour, however you can make the incredible climb up the mountain from the town of Pico de Fogo.

For those looking for the ultimate castaway holiday in Cape Verde, the island of Maio may appeal. This island sports stunning beaches, lush collections of palm coconut trees, and a tranquil disposition. Here you can either enjoy the beaches, wander the sleepy towns or spot some of the stunning birdlife native to the island.

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