Elevating Your Bathroom’s Style Using Colourful Sinks

Elevating Your Bathroom’s Style Using Colourful Sinks


Have you ever thought of adding a pop of colour to increase the brightness of your bathroom? There are various ways to spice up a minimalistic and monochrome bathroom. Apart from the usual method of using vibrant tiles and experimenting with brilliantly painted bathroom walls, installing colourful basins are a great way of introducing new tones to your bathroom. Head over to Victoria plum for a wide variety of sinks to choose from

There are several advantages to having a brightly coloured bathroom. A vibrant bathroom can play a part in space creation, which alters its mood, and synchronises bathroom fixtures with its accessories. Since most people spend a good deal of time in the bathroom, why not transform it into a space that looks roomier? Read on to find out more about a few easy tweaks you can apply to your bathroom.

An Illusion For Spaciousness

Most bathrooms in the UK tend to be on the slightly smaller side, with minimal storage space, which might give some users a sense of claustrophobia. This is all the more so in cities, where property prices are expensive and no one really wants to fork out too much money for a bathroom. Instead of searching for a home with a larger bathroom, you could consider this practical and simple approach of utilising basin colours to your advantage. By using brighter colours, the increased amount of light reflection in the environment gives the impression of a larger bathroom. On the contrary, a dark coloured basin gives the appearance of a smaller room. Therefore, it is crucial to play with colours to your advantage.

Mood Altering

Use colour themes to take charge of the mood that your bathroom exhibits. Colours have the potential to alter one’s emotions, heighten levels of cognition, and can even be used for relaxation purposes. Cool colours, such as blue or green, give off a calming effect. On the other hand, warm colours such as red, yellow or pink can give people an energy boost. This would be exceptionally helpful after a tiring day at work.

Synchronise Your Aesthetics

Upon deciding on a colour for your bathroom washbasin, the next step would be to synchronise the remainder of the bathroom in accordance with your chosen colour scheme. For instance, if the colour of your basin is a warm colour, select bathroom accessories that complement the warm tone. These accessories include but are not limited to soap dispensers and dishes, toilet roll holders, toilet seats, hooks, and hangers. It is recommended that you do not overdo it as overdoing it will result in your bathroom looking flashy and unwelcoming— definitely not what you would be looking for. A general rule of thumb is to have three to five colour bathroom accessories that match your basin. 

Trendy Basins

As we see a rising popularity in coloured basins, more companies have been pushing out their products into the market. The Arezzo ceramic range is spectacular as it has a complete collection of basin shades with different shapes to choose from and can match any kind of aesthetics. There is evidently a wide variety to choose from, and the following basins are highly recommended for various reasons.

The Arezzo Matt Blue Round Ceramic Counter Top Basin is unique. Some might claim that round-shaped basins are dated but the good news is that fashion goes in cycles. Circular basins might not be viewed as trendy by everyone today but they could be the best selling basin five to ten years later. In addition, its round shape is simple to clean as there are no corners for dirt or residue to be collected. To maintain it, use a cloth and wipe around the basin in a swift circular motion and the task is done before you know it. Similar to the Arezzo Matt Green Curved Counter Top Basin, the basin goes well with a high rise basin mixer coupled with a wall-mounted tap. If blue is not your top pick, the basin is available in grey, black, and pink as well.

The attractive Arezzo Matt Pink Rectangular Mid-Edged Inset Basin features an inset basin that is a refreshing change from usual basins. The inset nature of this basin requires the product to be installed onto a vanity unit or a worktop console for utility. Additionally, it has a small raised lip to reduce the chances of an overflow. Its pink shade coupled with a unique inset basin adds to its overall modernised look, which effortlessly transforms a traditional bathroom into a futuristic one. Other colours available are blue, black, and grey.

The Arezzo Matt Green Curved Counter Top Basin offers a boutique aesthetic for any bathroom. If you are a nature-lover, this is the basin for you. Potted plants pair well with the green basin and complement nature-themed bathrooms. It works best with a wall-mounted tap, paired with a high rise basin mixer. Its curved shape elevates modernity while preserving an element of nature in the bathroom. Manufactured using high-quality china, this piece is durable and can be used for years without signs of wearing out. Even if you are not exactly into plants or nature, the green shade is easy on the eyes and can undoubtedly deliver a sense of comfort to the overall bathroom appearance. If green is not your cup of tea, this basin is also available in pink, blue, grey, and black.

Elevating Your Bathroom’s Style Using Colourful Sinks

Opt For Grey Basins As An Alternative

If a multicoloured bathroom is your nightmare, choosing a safe, grey coloured basin will give off a stylish yet luxurious look. Grey, being in between white and black, is gaining popularity as we speak. It is handy for those who are willing to experiment with bathroom colours outside the black and white spectrum, yet are unwilling to step into the arena of colourful tones. 


We have explored a multiple series of coloured basins. If you have thought of abandoning your bathroom’s traditional monochrome colour schemes, this is the best time to take a leap of faith and try it. Adding colours bring about benefits such as mood heightening and synchronising your themes. Hence, there is nothing to lose!