Elrow 2019

Our Festivals

Welcome to our most inmersive universe, where the creativity is limitless! Where our crazyness comes to life and we make possible the impossible.

elrow Town London

Our most extraordinary experience in London! Every summer, we bring together more than 50,000 people who actively enjoy multiple stages, sets, street theatre, games together with the best artists on the current electronic scene.

elrow Town Madrid

Our largest production in the capital of Spain for more than 35,000 people in a magical setting. The most creative festival designed by elrow, where art, electronic music and entertainment blend perfectly.

elrow Town Amsterdam

Our BIG production in Netherland. elrow Town Amsterdam has not one but several worlds to explore! A dream festival with more than 35,000 people outdoors in a magical setting. Find out!

Monegros Desert Festival

A unique radical, acoustic, visual, and extreme experience will make anyone who steps in the desert have a memory for the rest of their lives. Get ready to be into another dimension during 24H non-stop!

Horroween Festival

Welcome to our first horror festival!
Maximum terror and fun, in the biggest of formats!
Get into the dark and spooky world of Horroween.

Snowrow Festival

It is the first elrow festival in the snow designed for all members of the family. A unique festival in Europe that will take place in the largest station in Andorra.

elrow XXL

Each year we select various cities around the world to host a hybrid format between 10,000 and 20,000 people for elrow Town and elrow Club, with a big main stage and several smaller creative and immersive stages. This 2023, the selected cities are Dubai, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Málaga, Mallorca, Tenerife, and some more surprises.

Paradise Island

Our craziest adventure! Imagine four days on a paradise island in Croatia. Hundreds of people arrived from all over the world to enjoy an indescribable and unforgettable experience!