Favorite Casino Games for Celebrity Gamblers

Favorite Casino Games for Celebrity Gamblers

Celebrities pretty much like to indulge in most of the stuff that we all love to do when free. The only difference is that they get to do it with higher stakes on individual bets. Looking at the betting history of some of the renowned celebrity gamblers, you can judge how good or bad of a gambler you are at individual games.

If you had the money, would you give the following celebrities a run for their money?

Tiger Woods

We start our list with the bad boy of golf who is heralded as the best to ever play the game. His favorite casino game is blackjack and he is known to bet as much as $25,000 in a single hand. Why not? The maestro of golf has made a fortune doing what he loves. His high stake betting habit on blackjack was so consistent that MGM Grand casino had to impose a $1 million betting limit whenever he visits Las Vegas. Tiger’s betting skills are nowhere near his golfing skills, but he does not seem to mind losing a few thousand dollars. The only advice we can give the sporting star is to try out the card-counting tactic described in the best online casinos and getting a personal account with gamblersbet to grow his blackjack betting skills.

Michael Phelps

The golden boy has made a career out of professional swimming and racked eight gold medals in the Olympics. The talented swimmer is a poker enthusiast who is quoted saying that he would be delighted to play the world series of poker. Reviews from other poker players in different casinos he visits in Ontario and Windsor reveal that he is quite the player. The reason why Phelps gained a good head start in poker is the fact

that he started playing online poker hence mastered all dynamics to the game with one or two-dollar stakes then moving to higher stakes in land-based casinos. He has made a name for himself in poker tournaments all across the country and in foreign casinos.

Michael Jordan

The best basketball player of all time has spent a fair share of his retirement time in casinos. He is more into sports betting and his favorite wager is on golf tournaments where he is not afraid to stake over a million dollars in a single round. This puts perspective to the popular term baller but if only his high stakes betting could materialize into huge cash rewards. He is a player who does not mind losing and betting is more of recreational activity to him than a means to generate a quick income.

Matt Damon

The award-winning actor prepared for his role in the movie Rounder’s by gaining experience from an actual casino. He spent up to $25,000 on poker learning how to handle himself on the table game. Matt Damon took a liking to the game and is currently an avid player in private poker games which he plays with fellow actors including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobby Maguire, Ben Affleck, and many others.

50 Cent “Curtis James Jackson”

The famous rapper is keen on sports betting and is not shy to brag about it on social media. In the past, he has tweeted about a $500,000 win from the Giants and San Francisco game. 50 Cent attributes his winning streak on sports betting on intuition and the voices in his head always come in handy before placing a high stake bet. It is also rumored that after winning half a million, he went ahead to place a double or nothing bet on the giants after they qualified for the Superbowl with a whopping $1 million stake. The Giants recorded a straight win and no one was happier than 50 Cent.

Floyd Mayweather

Thee 50-0 boxing champion has earned a reputation as a big spender and after retiring from professional boxing, gambling has been an excellent pastime activity to unwind from a tasking career. The superstar is not the best at analyzing bets but this does not hold him back from splashing seven figures on a single bet. Who can blame him, he is a sports celebrity with record earnings owing to his ability to sell himself as a major attraction in the boxing arena. Mayweather prefers sports betting and just like many celebrities, he does not miss a spot at casino table games especially in high stakes blackjack games.

Celebrities have an active social life and their interests change with upcoming trends. There is however a definite trend in their gambling habits which reveals casino games they have the most fun playing. To understand casino games and how to make money from betting, start your online profile today and follow the game guidelines to master betting skills.