Cariocas Club Reopens for the Summer

Cariocas Club Reopens for the Summer

On the hunt for a whimsical way to get in touch with the natural world?

Tucked away in its own secluded cove, sheltered from the world is Cariocas Beach Bar. The Greek institution that’s been operating on the edge of the mediterranean since 1998, is one of the first clubs in Europe to re-open its doors this summer.

You can still enjoy all that Cariocas and Corinth has to offer in its purest form. Relax and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean, explore the mountains with daily excursions, visit nearby ancient temples, experience the local cuisine and immerse yourself in the Greek approach to life. With specialist Yoga retreats, wellness camps, cooking classes, even dolphin safaris and an upgraded residency programmed over the summer, now you know where the planet’s heart beats stronger than ever before.

The quick response from the Greek authorities was able to curtail the spread of the virus and as such the country is open to international tourism from the 15th of June. Cariocas 22 years of experience means that they are able to provide a safe, hedonistic escape which conforms to all covid prevention measures, meaning that you can relax, swim and dance away to the only custom made sound system in Greece, with complete peace of mind.

Cariocas is about family, it is about familiarity, it is about us welcoming you into our home and be as one. Ready yourself for a true life changing adventure, join us at Cariocas this summer and start exploring!