Female Friendly Accommodation in Canberra

Female Friendly Accommodation in Canberra

Best Female Friendly Accommodation in Canberra

Incentives such as easily obtainable visas, better pay and lots of sunshine bring thousands of professionals and tourists on working holiday visa to the nation’s capital yearly.  Further, distinguished universities such as Australian National University, University of Canberra, UNSW Canberra see many more thousands of international students at Canberra.  And a surprising lot of them are women.

Women-friendly Accommodation in Canberra

Most of these women prefer to lodge in women-friendly accommodation, where they have their independence and privacy as well as feel safe.  Canberra has several types of women-friendly accommodation that suit women of different profession, income, background and life situations.  Here are some of them;

‘Women-only’ Share-houses and Flats in Canberra

There are so many women only share-houses or flats located in and around the city of Canberra.  Usually consisting of 3 – 4 bedrooms, a share-house has a living room, balcony or terrace, pantry etc.  Each tenant gets her own bedroom while bathrooms, pantry and other living spaces are shareable.  These share-houses are reasonably peaceful and quiet. 

For more information about women-only share-houses in and around Canberra please visit the following website; https://flatmates.com.au/share-houses/canberra

Granny Flats in Canberra

Granny flats are those small 1 – 2 bedroomed self-contained housing units located within the same block as the main house.  Where there is a respectable family living in the main house, a granny flat is very safe for female students or professionals to live in.  When a granny flat has more than one bedroom, it can also serve as a share-house and accommodate 2 students or professionals.

For more information about granny flats in and around Canberra please visit the following website; https://flatmates.com.au/granny-flats/canberra

Certified Female Friendly Hotels in Canberra

Hotels that meet the Maiden Voyage minimum safety requirements such as 24/7 manned reception, a well-lit entrance and 2 independent locks, as well as “must-have” in-room amenities and healthy dining options, are certified as female-friendly, after a very satisfied Maiden Voyage inspection.  The Radisson Hotel is a Maiden Voyage certified hotel in Canberra, suitable for women business travellers.

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