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Fenech-SolerBBM recently caught up with the the lead singer Ben Duffy of sensational electro band Fenech Soler, whilst they were driving between Wrexham and Stoke on the UK leg of their tour to find out how it’s all been going, and when they’re coming out to Australia…
You’ve been doing your UK tour recently, how’s that been going?
It’s been good, we’re about 3 and a bit weeks into it, maybe a bit longer so we’re kind of chilling into the motion of it now, we had a brief trip to America last week, which is good, breaking it into two sections so it’s been great, we’re playing at a lot of places we haven’t been to before and a lot of places we have, but so far, it’s been good.
And what’s your favourite place you’ve been to so far?
There’s a lot of places, Nottingham and those kind of places have been great. York was a pretty great show. We started the tour in Scotland and did about a week there, and they’re always great shows so a great place to start it. Aberdeen was fantastic as well.

Have you got any plans to go abroad in the near future?
I think when we finish the tour in London at Heaven, and then we’ve got a couple of shows in Italy the week after that, and we’re doing a festival in Bilboa, so we’re looking forward to that, so yeah I think we’ll be doing a few things. We did a few dates in Germany over the summer, so I think we’ll be back over there, I know to people over here we’re kind of a new band, but certainly over there we are, so it’s quite nice going over there and starting the ball rolling.
Our magazine is out in Australia, are there any plans to go out there at all?
Yeah we’re really looking forward to doing Good Vibrations Festival in February, which is like the normal Australian festivals so the line up moves, so we’re going to Sydney, Gold Cost, Perth, and a few other places, so we’re really looking forward to that. We’re working with a label called Shock over there, so I think our record will be out over there nearer the time.
Your album came out in September, what’s the feedback been like, how’s it felt having it out there?
It’s good, it’s been really good. We’ve had some great reviews, I think it’s nice for the four of us to get the record out there because we recorded the whole thing at home, and it’s nice to get some songs that people don’t necessarily know out there and get a response from them. And also just being from the villages we’re from, it’s a real achievement to get it out there, as we produced it all ourselves.
How did you all get together?
Well Ross and I are brothers, and Dan was at school with Ross, and the drummer joined the band a bit later, but we’re all from a 5 mile radius of each other in Northamptonshire. But Ross and I have grown up in a musical family, and we were actually in a few other bands before we started working as Fenech-Soler, but it was a long period of writing and playing at home before we thought we needed to go and do a show and actually release a single.
What is it about electro that attracts you to it?
For me personally, around 2006 when electronic guitar bands started to come out, and electronic music, I was influenced by that period. I think we all didn’t want to be an Indie band with a keyboard. I think electronic music compared to other genres can hit many levels making it quite special. It was people like Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Soulwax, the big electronic acts that really got me interested in it. I can’t speak for the four of us, but I think pop music and a love for melodies has certainly always played a big part.
What are you listening to at the moment, yourself?
Everything Everything, who we got to see in New York so that was great.
You did a remix of Everything Everything’s track MY KZ, UR BF, how was that?
We had good fun doing that one. It was a couple of months ago now, but yeah they were getting some good play, so we really enjoyed it. As a band I think we’re going to keep doing remixes, and do some artistic things, and as a band sort go off on one a bit. I think we’ll always do it, and it’s involved in the club scene and that sort of area. But it’s just trying to find the time, there’s been a couple we’ve had to turn down. But fingers crossed we’ll be on it when we get back.
And have there been any good anecdotes whilst you’ve been on tour?
Not really, I’d like to say we’ve been staying in these amazing hotels, but, we have done a deal with Travel Lodge for 33 nights, so that’s been eventful every night as it’s quite classy, but no, we’re kind of nocturnal at the moment so we’ve been getting in late and sleeping all day.

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“I normally tell them the truth but it is usually followed by me trying to explain the band name, so I never look as cool as I could do.” Drummer Andrew Lindsay is clearly enjoying the rise to acclaim of his toply tipped quartet Fenech-Soler, but the unique name is causing issues when explaining his day job to people. So what does Fenech-Soler actually mean? Where did the Northampton boys stumble across such a distinct band name?

The source was actually very close to home, as Lindsay is keen to explain, “it is part of Dan’s name actually. Dan who plays bass and synth, his full name is Daniel Francis Fenech Soler Treviotosky, so yeah we took a little bit of his name and used that. It has been a really good thing for us as everyone asks about it and its been a bit of a talking point, but it sort of sometimes does lead to a little bit of confusion. We have had a few variations on that name appearing on flyers for gigs.”


With comparisons to everyone from Foals to Delphic and Klaxons following them everywhere they go, Lindsay finds any connection to the already acclaimed British bands to be the finest form of flattery. He can barely contain his excitement as he reveals, “I’d love us to follow in the footsteps of those really. We are just a pop band really, we focus on production from electronic music. It is pop music with dance influences thrown in.”


With an insistence that they are primarily a pop group, Lindsay recommends for those wanting an introduction to their eponymous debut album, that “Golden Sun has probably got a bit of everything we do in there. It’s got a few heavy moments, its got quite a lot of electronic stuff and its got quite a simple catchy chorus, .so it really has a bit of everything in there. It is a song we all really like and its quite a good one to play as well. So if you have only 3 and a 1/2 minutes to spare then that’s the one you should flick to.”


Interviewed by Jeremy Williams. Fenech-Soler’s debut album is available right now.



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