Five Accommodations Across Australia Perfect For Your Next Eco-Friendly Adventure!

Accommodations Across Australia

There is such urgency for sustainable living. This is in terms of all aspects of life, which of course includes the travel industry. Ecotourism has risen immensely in popularity in recent years. 

As outlined by The International Ecotorism Society the definition is “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”.  Ecotourism can be seen in many forms, but one popular type is glamping

Luckily, the world is realizing the importance of living sustainably. Australia is a major leader in this initiative. 

Ecotourism has flourished across this country which helps set precedent across the globe. There are also several ways to contribute to this form of travel. For example, the more typical practices are green initiatives which can be installing solar, reusing materials or recycling, water conservations and many more! The main goal is to protect wildlife, flora and fauna and of course, leave no trace. 

An aspect of ecotourism that is a little lesser known, is the importance to protect local businesses and peoples.  It is a key factor of ecotourism to positively affect the local economy.

Sustainable travel should have positive effects on the environment, local people as well as business owners, and the travellers themselves. Individuals practicing ecotourism should focus on long term goals rather than short term solutions. 

As mentioned above, glamping encourages eco-friendly habits and allows travellers to stay in a unique, unforgettable accommodation. To define, glamping is “glamorous camping”. From quaint cottages to luxury tree houses, there are many ways that this form of travel encourages sustainability. 

  • Glamping structures often are not permanent. This way they eave minimal impact on the environment compared to what a major resort would.  
  • Several glamping properties have no electricity or use it sparingly which leads to less energy use. 
  • A lot of glamping sites have guests share restrooms and facilities which helps to consolidate waste.
  • Glamping can even be considered less impactful to the environment than regular camping. Glampsites have most amenities available such as a bed, linens, or even food, which means less waste. 
  • A big part of glamping is how unique each structure is. A lot of glamping accommodations are refurbished from campervans,  barns, shipping containers and more. 
  • Finally, glamping lets individuals immerse themselves in the great outdoors. Hopefully, this helps travellers appreciate and therefore respect the natural world. 

Below are some eco-friendly glamping accommodations available across Australia!

1. Holiday Rental with Coastal Views

Accommodations Across Australia
Holiday Rental with Coastal Views

This holiday rentals starts at AUS 420 and is in Venus Bay, South Australia.

Guests can take in the breathtaking coastline of Venus Bay at this eco-friendly cottage. The property uses rainwater as well as solar panels. There is no loss of luxury while also enjoying the great outdoors and wildlife.

2. Glamping Tent in a Secluded Setting

Accommodations Across Australia
Glamping Tent in a Secluded Setting

This glamping tent starts at AUS 393 and is in Ventnor, Victoria.

The remote glamping tent incorporates fantastic amenities into their experience like the outdoor hot tub, deluxe linens and a wood burning stove. However luxurious, the grounds have energy efficient utilities, a compostable toilet as well as solar. 

3. Unique Getaway Near Spring Beach

Accommodations Across Australia
Unique Getaway Near Spring Beach

This unique getaway starts at AUS 382 and is in Agnes Water, Queensland.

This pod rental will bring a one of a kind experience. Guests will be in awe of the peculiar structure and enjoy wildlife on the private deck. The low impact rental heats water using solar while also reusing rain water. 

4. Romantic Luxury Tents 

Accommodations Across Australia
Romantic Luxury Tents

This luxury tent starts at AUS 219 and is in Avoca Beach, New South Wales.

These bell tents are perfect for a relaxing getaway surrounded by the outdoors. To enhance the trip, guests can schedule a massage or a tour through the surrounding nature at an extra cost. The eco-facilities include an eco bush toilet and shower. 

5. Elevated Cabin Rental

Accommodations Across Australia
Elevated Cabin Rental

This elevated cabin starts at AUS 188 and is in Youngs Siding, Western Australia.

This rental is ideal for those wanting a rural escape with spectacular valley views. The property owners have planted more than 3,000 local trees to attract wildlife across their 50 acres. These hosts protect animals and nature while guests enjoy their cabin and beautiful Australian landscapes.

All of these accommodations are available on Glamping Hub. The information above is provided by Laura Grant of Glamping Hub. Happy eco-friendly glamping!