Five Best Places To Snorkel In Sydney

Best Places To Snorkel In Sydney

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1. Shelly Beach

Cool off in the clear waters of Shelly Beach. Be amazed by the diverse wildlife that lives in the sea grass meadows and rocky reefs of the protected Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve. Hear what native creatures you need to keep a look out for, and learn more about the natural environment.

Connect with the natural world. Go for a nature walk to see the headlands and Northern Beaches, and then snorkel off Shelly Beach.

2. Gordons Bay 

Gordons Bay is one of the eastern suburbs’ prettiest spots. And it’s the only snorkelling destination on this list with a dedicated underwater nature trail. Thanks to the bay’s incredibly clear waters, snorkelers can also enjoy it on most days.

3. Cabbage Tree Bay 

Like the Bronte-Coogee stretch, Cabbage Tree Bay is in an aquatic reserve. Most of the time, visibility is extraordinarily good and the diversity of critters Great Barrier-level impressive. Prepare to meet flounder, flathead, goatfish, old wives, fiddler rays and sharks  namely Port Jacksons, wobbegongs and young dusky whalers between January and June

4. Clovelly 

Like Little Bay, Clovelly is a safe, reassuring place to start for inexperienced snorkelers. Unless a storm is brewing at sea, the waters are tranquil and it’s easy to get in and out via concrete steps. The most renowned underwater resident is Bluey, a 1.2-metre long blue groper. The entire Bronte-Coogee coastline is an aquatic reserve, so, in addition to Bluey, there’s a wealth of marine life. 

5. Kurnell 

Famous for being the place where Captain Cook leapt ashore in 1770, Kurnell is also where you’ll find one of the city’s busiest underwater communities. For an easy entry point, try Silver Beach, from where you can swim east towards Kamay Botany Bay National Park. Keep a look out for giant cuttlefish, moray eels, sea horses, red weedy sea dragons, decorated with bright blue stripes and canary yellow spots. Antarctic fur seals make occasional visits, too.

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