Five Roof Top Bars in Melbourne Australia

Roof Top Bars in Melbourne Australia

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Melbourne has one of the most alluring skylines and the many pictures and post cards promoting this city are proof of the fact. Where better can you enjoy Melbourne’s breathtaking skyline than from a rooftop. For the ultimate skyline experience enjoy one of the many rooftop bars in Melbourne. Drink in hand the feel is unmatched.

Good Heavens

One of the best Australian bars in town, Good Heaven serves some of the finest wines, cocktails, craft beers all amidst a backdrop that stirs its very own magic in your soul. If you think the drinks are alluring wait till you taste the food. The cheeseburgers and fried chicken may sound simple but the flavors are so on point, it is pleasantly comforting. Board games and card games are also readily available making it ideal for a long night out with friends.

The Rooftop at QT

This one of a kind rooftop bar is yet another must visit. The bar has a massive indoor/outdoor split and is a sleek new addition to the city’s bar scene. Among all the options available here, the bar is reputed for its astro turfs and milk crates. But the real cherry on the top is the mid century vibes on the deck that goes perfectly well with some cocktails.

Rooftop Bar

There is an endless flight of stairs that you need to conquer before you reach your destination but the reward that awaits you at the very top makes it all worth the while. A view that will take your breath away coupled with drinks and fake grass makes you feel as though you are in an Eden in the sky. 

The Local Taphouse

Located in St Kilda this is yet another comforting nook that boasts astounding views. The drinks are well prepared and perfectly compliment the comforting interiors.


On the very top of the rooftop is a combination of plastic furniture and colored walls depicting an unusual adult crèche. Boasting 3 whole floors, this is just as appealing to hang out in as it is to have a drink.

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