Free Australian Migration Webinars

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Australia Migration Webinars

Join The Down Under Centre’s free online webinars and find out all the information you need about migration just from sitting at home!

The Down Under Centre hold two monthly Webinars for Australia & New Zealand to point you in the right direction. The Down Under Centre act as a host and are joined by our industry partners to assist you on your migration journey.

Migration to Australia

The Webinar is a great way to get information on all areas with migration to Australia.

As well as the Down Under Centre being a one stop centre for your migration needs, they specialise in Trades Skills Assessments for the purpose of migration to Australia. You can find out how the process works if you are looking to get your Trades Skills Assessment here in the UK and what specific Trades we deliver these too. We also deliver the AQF III Qualification for specific trades so that you can go on further to gain your Trades Skills Assessment from TRA for the purpose of migration. Find out more about the AQF III Qualifcation

If you are at the start of your migration process, join us and meet trusted expert migration agents who can assist you on what visa you can obtain.

If you are someone who already has their visa, you may be wanting to look for jobs? Well, recruiters will also be joining us! The recruiters will be going over the different job opportunities, especially those in demand such as Trade jobs, IT and more!

If you’re a Nurse who is migrating to Australia, we have a Nursing Agency who can assist you with getting your AHPRA Registration once you have signed up with them and getting you the nursing job you want before you head out to Australia.

Trade Workers Australia

If you’re any of these Tradies below, contact The Down Under Centre about your Skills Assessment today!

Not forgetting, their expert partners who can assist you with other services for migration such as money transfers, health insurance, pensions, removals and more!

Use this opportunity to ask The Down Under Centre and their partners any questions and get an immediate response. Spaces are limited for our Webinars so be sure to register now!

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