Getting Started In Australia With OzIntro

getting started in australia with ozintro


If you’re coming to Australia for a working holiday, there’s a lot of planning involved, including getting your visa, booking your flights, finding accommodation and making sure you have time to see all of what you want to of this great big island. If you need a bit of a hand before and after you get to Oz, why not try OzIntro? They understand how daunting it can be to spend a year away from home, familiar places and the people you know, so they introduce you to new friends and new places, so Australia soon becomes your second home. Don’t take our word for it though – Ben Greasby used OzIntro, and he explains to us why he doesn’t regret a second.

What was it that made you want to travel to Australia?
All the amazing stuff including the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island and the Whitsundays. Plus every person I know that has travelled Australia has never said a bad word about it.

getting started in australia with OzIntro

How long were you initially planning on being in Australia for?
My plan is to travel as much as I can in my first year and pick up some regional work along the way so I can get my second year visa.

Did you travel alone or with someone else, and what guided your decision?
I did come alone but I booked the OzIntro package, which was great because I had an instant group of friends from the moment I arrived! And our group were all chatting to each other through the OzIntro Facebook page before we left home, so I felt I knew everyone from my group way before I turned up. A few of us even met up in the UK before we left.

Did you choose OzIntro just to travel with or did you want to look for work as well?
That’s one of the great things about OzIntro; they help with literally everything you need. They help and explain everything about travelling as well as looking for work.

Had you attempted to plan it yourself before using OzIntro? What drove you to use them?
I had looked into it all myself but Australia is such a big country and I wasn’t really sure what I needed to do. Plus it was great to have all the important stuff sorted, like the bank account, Medicare and tax file number, so I could just relax and have an amazing first week without any worries. After looking through all the OzIntro photos on Facebook, the week looked action-packed, which is just what I was looking for!

getting started in australia with OzIntro

What aspects of your trip did they plan or help with?
They helped with everything from the start including visas, advice on the cheapest flight and travel insurance. Then when I got here all the group leaders shared their knowledge on where in Australia they have been and the best trips to do. Being backpackers themselves you genuinely get first hand advice and help with everything.

Did they ask you about your own preferences, what was the communication like before reaching Australia?
All the communication prior to leaving the UK was fast, informative and super helpful. All the little queries and preferences that a backpacker could have were answered by the awesome girls in the UK office, which gave me a peace of mind before jetting off.

Was there someone to meet you at the airport and did it make a difference?
As soon as I stepped off the plane I had Rob standing there waiting for me. It’s great having one of the OzIntro team there to meet you as it gives you an opportunity to ask all the other questions I was unsure about. On the drive back, Rob pointed out loads of useful stuff, he then went through the week’s itinerary, helped me get checked in and introduced me to the other people from my group that had already arrived. I couldn’t have imagined how hard it would have been getting off a 23-hour flight then finding my way around a city that I didn’t know.

getting started in australia with ozintro

Did you have guides for the entire journey and did they stay with you until the trip was over?
During our week, we had Shaun and Phil for the whole week, literally anything we needed they helped or sorted out for us. Despite leaving Sydney a couple of days after my week with OzIntro to start my travels, it was assuring to know that they were always just a phone call or an email away to help me out. Also having use of the office in Sydney is a great help because there is always someone from the OzIntro team to help with everything.

What were the benefits of travelling with a group? Did they make it easy to get to know your fellow travellers?
This was one of the key points for me picking OzIntro. From the moment you get here, you’re in one big group of friends. The group leaders always make sure everyone’s involved in all the week’s activities so by the second day we felt like a travelling family. In the end, 18 of us travelled the East Coast and are all still in touch now. There are so many benefits to travelling in a group; having your friends around to experience all the amazing trips and the support we can give each other. I could imagine travelling alone to be daunting and maybe even a bit scary, luckily for me I didn’t have that problem.

getting started in australia with ozintro

Do you think travelling with OzIntro made your journey less stressful and more enjoyable?
Travelling with Ozintro has made my adventure so enjoyable and hassle free. From getting off the plane to working in Sydney, they have been nothing but amazing help.

Would you suggest others to use OzIntro?
I have already been recommending this to my friends back home. Without them, my time in Australia wouldn’t have been half as good and I wouldn’t have been able to meet all the amazing people that I travelled with.

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