Go Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

Hump back whale

Hervey Bay has long been a whale watching mecca and Drop Bear’s Fraser Island & Whale Watching packages are hugely popular with visitors. Visit Fraser Island between July and October and you’re virtually guaranteed to see whales frolicking off the coast as they take a break from their long journey.

If you’re heading to Fraser Island July to October, you’re in for a treat as its whale watching season! Thousands of humpback whales migrate north to the East Coast of Australia to have babies before returning to Antarctic waters with their young. Hervey Bay is the perfect place to see this wonderful spectacle.


There are worse places to spend a weekend away with the family.

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Unlike many other popular whale watching spots across Oz, the whales aren’t just passing through. They rest in the calm bay to recuperate from the first stage of their long trip and gather the energy for the homeward stretch, which gives tour operators ample time to observe and approach them carefully. Boats have to keep a distance of 100m from the whales, but are sometimes allowed to drop swimmers into the water to carefully approach and swim with the whales.

It’s easy to fit in a whole or half day whale watching tour before or after your Fraser Island tour with morning and afternoon cruises available, making it the perfect add on to your trip.

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