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beautyTop Ten Beauty Tips for the girls travelling to Australia

Trying to mentally customize your beauty regime to suit the warm Australian climate before travelling to Australia can be challenging girls, so that is where British Balls has called on Eve Garrett owner of Brazilian Body Waxing in Bondi Beach for her top ten tips on combating an all too common tourist trap known as Beach Geek.


1. No Weird Sandals and Socks
2. Make sure you’re waxed, no-one like’s a 5 O’Clock shadow down under.
3. Buy a Tiger Lilly Bikini or summer dress.
4. Remember less is more so get out the lemon detox kit and swap from beer to vodka
5. Fake it don’t bake it shhhhhhhhhhhhhh a spray tan’s a must
6. Learn to swim don’t make your acting debut on Bondi Rescue
7. Aussie guys may look flawless but don’t forget protection (and and SPF wouldn’t hurt either)
8. Prepare for lot’s of fun and fabulous friends and photo’s
9. Drink plenty of water and enjoy the wonderful fresh fruit and vege’s Australia has to offer in abundance.
10. Try a natural mineral makeup with an spf 25 for complete confidence against ageing like an old prune like Pat Butcher!



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