Healthy Holiday Ideas In Europe

women at boot camp

With such a heightened awareness on one’s individual health and fitness, is it any surprise travellers are now looking for healthy holiday alternatives?
For many, gone are the days of holidays filled with excessive calorie consumption, excessive alcohol consumption and returning home more tired and fatigued than when you left. Obviously, there is still a time and a place for indulgent holidays, but today many are choosing to indulge in themselves.
It has been estimated that there has been a 35% increase year on year in travellers choosing healthy or active holidays throughout Europe.
Throughout recent years we have seen a huge increase in “healthy holidays” ranging from sugar free holidays, sleep enhancement holidays, mindfulness retreats, yoga and Pilates retreats and the fastest growing are boot camps.
women at a boot camp
There are a plethora of different boot camps that can be chosen globally. Many people choose one of the most effective types, and also the original type – military boot camps. It may sound daunting but it is a far cry from the media’s depiction of a screaming Sargent Major pushing you to the point of despair. It is a fabulous healthy holiday that allows a wide range of clients to develop their fitness, or even begin their fitness journey and educate themselves on nutrition and wellbeing.
New friendships are formed and it is a fantastic way to really concentrate on you and make new friends. At New You Boot Camp they are said to be Europe’s leading military boot camp offering their clients’ unprecedented results in just one week. The venues are stunning offering 4* plus accommodation within countryside and rural settings to give you the opportunity to de-stress whilst on holiday.
people in a swimming pool
Another hugely increasing holiday choice for males and females over 25 is a holiday where you have the opportunity to learn a new skill. There are again so many things you can chose from, cookery, Thai boxing, meditating, quilting, dancing, triathlon training and many, many more.
Dancing Holidays are offered throughout Europe and are hugely popular with both couples and singletons. With Club Dance Holidays there is a huge range from Tango in Berlin, Ceroc in Spain or Croatia, Salsa in Havana, Tango in Argentina, or Zumba in Bournemouth – to name a few. Dance holidays are a great way to not only increase fitness and learn a new skill but to experience a new style of party holiday.
If you want to better yourself and indulge yourself whilst investing in a holiday of a lifetime, there are some excellent options available today. Make sure you do your research and choose well and you are bound to have the time of your life!!