Interview With Jacobi AGC From Housekeeping Records

housekeeping records

BBM Live’s Frankie Salt heads out to London’s Soho to have a chinwag with Jacobi from Housekeeping Records and find out what they’ve been up to and what they’ve got in store for the record label for 2017.

So, Jacobi, how, why and when did Housekeeping Records come about?
It was about five years ago we started it up. Four mates, we’d been playing separately and making music on our own for a while. We just felt that there was a demand for proper tech house in West London because none of the clubs were supplying it. Hip-hop was very much on the scene at the time and we’d spent a lot of time in Ibiza and Berlin and wanted to put up a decent offering with a fully immersive experience that wasn’t just about the music, but what you experience in Ibiza. At the time, I’d just designed a club here in London called Le Baron which we brought over from Paris. So, we threw a night there and it just organically exploded from there. It was just a bit of fun with mates originally and then it’s just grown.

So, there are four of you behind Housekeeping. Do the four of you differ? Is there a head of Housekeeping? Or, do you all do equal but different roles within the brand?
We’ve got different roles. Egos come to play often, as I imagine they always do when you have groups of musicians or mates, which is always a battle. But I think we’re close enough to scream through them most of the time. We do have different roles within it. Some of us have a more entrepreneurial background. So, they focus more on the brand development. Some of them are slightly more on how we grow it from a financial point of view. So, we look at it as a whole brand and try to develop it, not just on the music front. So, we’ve got the record label, we’ve got the events business, we all play in our own time, the production, merchandising. So, we really try to build the brand out in every direction.

You’ve had your record label launch party at ADE. How was that? What made your party stand out?
Well, we did it in a crane.

That’ll work.
We did it in a shipping crane about forty meters in the air and live streamed it with Be At TV. They were really supportive. So, it went really well.

Where did the idea behind the crane come into play?
Last year at ADE, we were invited out by Ben Turner to come with Richie Hawtin and Dubfire and we were last minute looking for somewhere to stay and everything was booked up. So, a friend said they know about this crane with three bedrooms at the top of it. So, we hired this crane on Airbnb and we thought we’d bring in a sound system and throw a little party in the downstairs area, which is still forty meters in the air. We ended up doing a party and we had everybody from Jamie Jones to Seth Troxler. They all just turned up and played and it ended up going on for three days.

In a crane?
In a crane. And then Mixmag were supportive and they wrote it up as the best after-party of 2015. So, we thought if we’re going to launch the label, we should go back there and do that because it was so special.

So, your EP, Start With a Little, what was the inspiration behind that? Was the label launched also to incorporate that? Was that your tune that you launched?
Well, there are three tracks on the EP. There’s ‘Start With a Little’, ‘Mickey Finn’ and ‘Da Na Na’ which are just the first three. We’ve got a large catalogue of stuff that we’ve been building over the last four, five years and the timing was just right. ‘Start With a Little’ fronted it because we’d played it a lot. It’s very signature to the sound we play. We play that very big room, tech house sound and it just personified what we do best. I think that and ‘Mickey Finn’ were the ones that have really caught on from the EP.

So, three words to describe what you guys are about?
Well, love of music. The fully immersive experience is really important.

And the crane?
Yeah, the crane.

That’s such a good story.
Well, we try to come up with really creative – do something different.

What’s coming up for you guys?
We’re doing a big street party in Verbier, Switzerland early next year. And then next year, we’ve got another five dates at Coco booked in. We’re in talks with some of the big clubs in Ibiza for next summer, which is exciting.

What would you say is your favourite Friday Ibiza hang out and maybe your favourite hangover London Sunday hang out?
I’ve just spent seven months in Ibiza so, I quite like staying away from the super clubs unless someone I really love is playing, who I really love their music. I really like Sa Trinxa, which is a beach bar at the end of Salinas Beach that has a bit of live music, some good DJs and a nice afternoon vibe. Then for a hangover in London, my sofa probably.

Your Sunday sofa sessions?
My Sunday sofa sessions. And Deliveroo.

Sounds like a good plan.

By Frankie Salt