How Air Charter Is Helping Business Travelers Manage Travel Challenges

Air Charter

Pandemic hangovers and ongoing global economic and political issues continue to affect travel. Read on for solutions to the typical challenges experienced by business travelers in the current climate. 

5 Challenges Affecting Business Travelers

Here are five key issues that you are likely to encounter as a business traveler.

Travel disruption

After the pandemic, the travel industry is struggling to cope with the increase in demand. Staff shortages have been brought about by people finding alternative employment during the pandemic. Recruitment and retention are still difficult. Staff shortages affect commercial airlines, airport staff and border control.

Therefore, you may face canceled, diverted or late flights, long queues for check-in and passport control and hold-ups at baggage collection. Comparing data between now and before the pandemic, travelers are needing to contend with more than double the delays, cancellations and baggage mishandling episodes. Add in seasonal weather conditions, staff striking over pay and conditions in some countries, and you’ll find traveling through major airports can be a headache. 

Higher ticket costs

Unfortunately, the issues affecting ease of travel are also translating to higher costs. Growing demand and limited availability convert to increased ticket prices. It’s getting harder to find competitively priced business trips. 

Political and economic conditions are also contributing to uncertainty when it comes to pricing. Booking far ahead no longer necessarily equates to lower pricing as airlines are reluctant to issue tickets that may no longer be profitable when the time comes to fly.  Budgeting for travel is becoming more and more difficult.  

Unforeseen costs

The increase in delays and cancellations is also causing further issues with related costs. Last-minute hotel bookings, additional meals, taxi or train fares and other incidental costs related to travel disruption can eat significantly into the travel budget. 

Duty of care issues

Businesses are now applying a greater focus on protecting and safeguarding their representatives during travel. Health and safety guidelines and protocol have been updated to reflect the dangers travel can bring through infectious diseases like COVID. Personnel are more aware of the need for adequate safety measures too.

Duty of care and risk management responsibilities apply to other situations such as natural disasters, political and civil unrest, accident or unexpected illness. Employee expectations that they will be looked after in any event are high.   

Ongoing policy changes

With COVID still a threat, countries are still adapting their entry requirements, often with short notice. Expect to see this continuing for some while as the world readjusts to post-pandemic travel. 

How using charter flights can help overcome these hurdles and more

There are several advantages to using charter flights and not only helping your business overcome all the above challenges. Bespoke aviation can make a significant impact on productivity, safety, profitability and more. 

Using a business jet charter flight…

1. Makes business travel more convenient

Charter flights typically use smaller airports so business travelers can avoid the headaches associated with large airports. Regional airports can also be used by charter airlines so you are likely to find it is more convenient and less time-consuming to travel this way over commercial airlines, which often involve one or more connecting flights and lengthy stopovers. 

Charter airlines can help you get easy access to underserved routes and remote locations. They allow you to create your own timetable and not be bound to a commercial airline’s flight schedule.  

By choosing bespoke aviation services, your business travelers can say goodbye to long airport and immigration queues, baggage headaches and last-minute changes and cancellations. Charter flights can be boarded just minutes before take-off and there’s no need to arrive too early at the airport either.

What’s more, a charter flight can often be arranged at the last minute and is therefore a solution to sold-out flight routes, urgent evacuation, or spontaneous meetings.  

2. Maximizes productivity

Charter planes are quiet, comfortable and private. This means they are ideal working and meeting environments, even when dealing with sensitive issues and materials

The reduced travel times and more comfortable experience that come with air charter also improve morale and productivity.  

3. Minimizes expenses

When you use a charter organization for air travel, you set your own itinerary. This means you can reduce the time span of business trips by visiting more than one destination in a day, flying at more convenient times, or overnight. This reduces costs associated with hotels and dining, and regional transfer. 

If you need to fly a large group of people to a destination, group charter travel can also be competitive when compared to multiple first or business-class tickets for travel on commercial airlines.   

4. Makes budgeting and organization easier

The unpredictability of ticket prices with commercial airlines can be compared with the more consistent costs of air charter travel. Fleet managers at charter airlines can help you organize travel cost- and time-efficiently, whether you are planning ahead of time or last minute, making it easier to manage travel budgets.  

Bespoke travel solutions can be created to suit your constraints and budget as well as your specifications and schedule. This is done by fleet management on your behalf so that your team can concentrate on work. 

5. Adds an element of luxury

Finally, it’s no secret that aboard charter flights, you are treated to the very best levels of comfort and service in a clean, safe environment. Show your colleagues and business partners how much you appreciate their contributions by organizing their travel through charter flights, while also minimizing travel health anxieties and stresses of commercial air travel. 

Why not get in touch with a business jet charter organization to see how they can help you and your colleagues travel with ease, convenience and comfort, wherever you are headed next?